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PS4 Dreams Players Could Soon be Making Money For Their Creations

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
  • PlayStation 4 creative sandbox Dreams launched to critical acclaim last month.
  • Media Molecule is now exploring ways for creators to use Dreams creations for business opportunities.
  • The developer has launched a ‘beta evaluation’ to test the waters.

Since launching last month, PS4 exclusive Dreams has garnered countless deserved accolades.

Few would argue that the game offers players a robust set of game-making tools that have already produced some thrilling and intriguing examples .

Dreams minimizes hurdles for players. In many ways, therein lies its appeal as a creative sandbox throttled only by the player’s imagination.

But a number of questions have trailed Dreams’ success. Where do players stand when it comes to the ownership of their creations? And probably, more interestingly, is there any potential for money-making opportunities?

Media Molecule Exploring Ways To Monetize Dreams Creations

Developer Media Molecules says that it is now is actively looking to help creators to use Dreams for business opportunities.

In a Q&A style community update published today , the studio said it is entirely supportive of creators looking beyond the PlayStation eco-system to monetize their work.

As a first step towards exploring ways for this to happen in a practical sense, Media Molecule is launching a beta evaluation . It allows creators to apply to use a Dreams creation for business purposes.

Understandably, Media Molecule is imposing restrictions on who can apply. The developer says;

This is open to a limited group of users with the goal of learning how players want to use Dreams off PlayStation and how we may support this.

Strict Criteria

Interested parties will have to meet a set of criteria. They’ll need a specific project, time frame, and agree to provide step-by-step feedback to the developer. The studio is also limiting the beta to Early Access Members. This means that those who picked up Dreams at launch are not eligible.

In an accompanying tweet, Media Molecule also clarified that the beta was limited to creations such as ‘concept art, music videos, albums, short films’  that can be already be exported from Dreams.

Dreams Players May Soon Be Banking Paychecks for Their Creations
Source: Twitter 

Media Molecule hopes to implement a system to export a broader range of creations from Dreams in the future.

In the same update, Media Molecule confirmed that sole ownership of the IPs created within the game goes to the creators.