Proxy Card Launches Proxy Wallet in Partnership with eBitcoin Foundation

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As cryptocurrencies march towards the mainstream, financial services must evolve without jeopardizing cybersecurity.

A result of a strategic partnership between Proxy Card and eBitcoin Foundation, Proxy Wallet has developed a secure, hybrid wallet which employs multi-factor authentication. This means it is impossible for anyone except the user to access their account. There are no node sync times, no expensive hardware wallets, and it's on-the-go and ready to use 24/7. 

This State-of-the-Art Proxy Wallet will be the only one featuring ground-breaking "eBitcoin multi-transfer", allowing users to interact with each other using live chat. This intends to add an exciting social element, while attracting younger traders and investors and offering businesses a multi payment solution.        

In short, Proxy Wallet brings with it new technologies, including cryptocurrencies, to the masses.

Further details:

  • Bio-metric Authentication 
  • The ability to Store, Send, and Request funds from anyone
  • Easy integration with any ERC-20 compliant tokens

Special Feature

Proxy Wallet also has special features unique to eBTC such as allowing eBitcoin (eBTC) holders to make up to 249 payments in a single transaction saving heaps of time, energy, and costs.

In the joint statement, Proxy Card and eBitcoin Foundation also announced the following;

  1. First 10,000 users will receive 10 Proxy tokens upon wallet activation. 
  2. Proxy Card plans to reduce the total PRXY Tokens total supply from 300m to 50m. (date to be confirmed).
  3. Proxy Card will generate a new token named ePRX with the maximum supply of 50m and will conduct Token Swap to existing PRXY holders at 1:2 rate (Token Swap date to be confirmed).
  4. To acknowledge the strategic partnership with eBitcoin Foundation, Proxy Card will conduct 1:1 snapshot to eBTC holders. (ePRX snapshot to eBTC holders date to be confirmed).

Proxy Wallet is available for free download on their website,, and on their main strategic partner, eBitcoin’s website,

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