Privacy Is Sacrosanct! Coin Wallet Removes All Third Party Tracking Software

Nowadays, the existence of tracking software on all of our devices is basically public knowledge. In addition, the last few years have made clear that Facebook tracks the behavior of its users in order to personalize the ads on their site. Coin Wallet is not going to let this happen to its users. 

Since launching Coin Wallet, the company have always focused on privacy protection. Due to its free to use nature, in the last few years, Coin Wallet used ads in the wallet to generate revenue and keep the wallet free. For this purpose, the company used Facebook Advertising network. However, because of Facebook’s actions (not allowing cryptocurrency ads to their users and launching their own cryptocurrency) Coin Wallet decided to remove all ads across their entire platform. In the coming weeks, all ads will be removed from Coin Wallet’s Web, iOS and Android wallets together with the 3rd party tracking that came with them. This will help to achieve increased privacy for Coin Wallet users, which is one of the main goals of the company. 

Coin Wallet has everything you look for in a wallet

Aside from providing privacy and anonymity for its users, Coin Wallet has a number of benefits that makes it a right choice when looking for a free online wallet. 

In terms of security, Coin Wallet uses AES-256 encryption, BIP 39 passphrase encryption and a 4-digit PIN login to guarantee the security of each wallet. In addition, the company has enabled its users to be in charge of their own private keys, which means that nobody other than the user can access the wallet. This way Coin Wallet respects all the current industry accepted security standards. 

Coin Wallet also makes incredibly easy to send and receive coins, thanks to its exceptionally user friendly, intuitive and easy to use user interface. All you need to do is create an online wallet in a few easy steps, which takes only a minute, and you can send and receive some of the biggest cryptocurrencies on the market plus all possible ERC20 tokens. Coin Wallet can also function as an exchange, through their partner exchanges Shapeshift and Changelly. This way Coin Wallet is a one stop shop for all your crypto wallet and exchange needs. 

Besides soon being an ad-free wallet, Coin Wallet guarantees the privacy and anonymity of its users in other ways too. For example, Coin Wallet never reuses addresses and the wallet is enabled with Tor Browser and VPN support. These measures allow users to be completely safe from being exposed to 3rd party tracking and other forms of invasions of privacy. 

As you can see, Coin Wallet is a secure, privacy protecting and easy to use free online wallet which can satisfy every cryptocurrency wallet user’s needs. 

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