Prince William Displays a True King’s Prowess in His Covid-19 Battle

  • Prince William reportedly contracted covid-19 in April.
  • Rather than make a public announcement, the future King went about his business privately and without fuss.
  • Why? Because he didn’t want to worry the nation.

So Prince William reportedly contracted Covid-19 and failed to alert the British media to his condition.

In a bygone era, the future monarch would be commended for his resolve and quintessential British attitude of “just getting on with it.”

Granted, the vast majority of those who have reacted on social media are indeed applauding the fact that Prince William believed concern and newspaper headlines should be used for other more pressing matters at that time. Still, not everyone shares that line of thinking.

Funnily enough, the majority of those who are up in arms about how William dealt with his diagnosis and subsequent recovery are the very same types who would be outraged at Prince William being made a fuss over by the British public and media.

Prince William kept his Covid diagnosis quiet. The media didn’t like that. | Source: Twitter

Prince William is the heir to the throne but is already acting like a King

So why exactly did Prince William not arrange a press conference and take center stage to inform the nation that he was suffering from a virus that many of his fellow Brits were also fighting against?

According to a source speaking to The Sun, William commented:

There were important things going on, and I didn’t want to worry anyone.

I’m not quite sure why there’s so much controversy surrounding Prince William and his decision to keep his health private.

I mean, isn’t “being true to your authentic self” in vogue these days? And if we know one thing about Prince William, it’s that he’s authentically royal.

It’s these very qualities that enrage his detractors. The hard-working father of three manages to juggle family life with the trials of being the future monarch admirably. And that eats away at those who live to criticize him and his wife, Duchess Kate Middleton.

I also believe that William is acutely aware of the reaction he’d have gotten from the public. Someone from a privileged background and with access to the best medical care money can buy making a song and dance about being unwell at a time when people were dying in hospital beds across the nation?

It would not have been a good look.

There is one group of people particularly upset by Wills maintaining his privacy – the media

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the whole ridiculous non-story, it’s that the British media don’t like being denied a headline.

Still, they’re nothing if not resourceful.

They may have been robbed of a headline in April, but they’ll sure as hell make sure to double-down on the news now.

In the past 24 hours or so, we’ve gone from Prince William not wanting to worry anyone to the whole fiasco becoming a “cover-up.”

Now, there’s grasping at straws, and then there’s this kind of behavior.

Seriously, what is going on? Journalists who, until recently, were rational humans going about their business have suddenly taken on the irrational traits of a spurned lover.

Prince William not announcing his battle with Covid isn’t a personal slight on any of you, darlings.

Calm down, Richard. Enjoy your holiday. | Source: Twitter

Rather than tear down Prince William, why not look at what he’s accomplished?

While it seems to have become nothing more than a side-issue, I feel it’s worth pointing out that while Prince William was ill and self-isolating, he still managed to rank as one of the hardest-working royals.

According to reports, William was having difficulty breathing. Despite this, he was fulfilling his duties as expected.

That many among us would choose to stand back and criticize someone for doing what Prince William did rather than admire the resilience and attitude the future King displayed is a sad indictment of where Britain is as a nation.

He truly was in a no-win situation.

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12 thoughts on “Prince William Displays a True King’s Prowess in His Covid-19 Battle”

  1. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, is such an amazing guy. He truly is like his mother. he’s genuine, kind, loyal, loving, an amazing husband and father and will definitely be the best king the UK has had in a long time. He will have compassion, and confidence, and make his reign undoubtedly a one to remember.

  2. Prince William is going to make an excellent king, like his grandmother the Queen. Meghan, take note: William is not all about me.

  3. I think he can’t win either way. During that time Prince Charles had COVID along with Prime Minister who was in ICU and if there was news of him with COVID as well, then it would have caused a stir during that time and reduced public morale. It would have counteracted the good effect of the Queen’s speech of calming and encouraging the public. However, I also think that if he released the news, it would have highlighted to some ignorant youth that COVID can affect any age group. The thing is if he announced at the time, some section of the public will say he is hogging the limelight despite his privilege. Now that he did not announced the news, some are criticising him for now being honest. Either way it is a lose for him.

  4. I am so disappointed with Richard Palmer. Doesn’t he have any common sense? Even common people will not want to cause any worry to their families and friends unless it is very serious. I am so sick with all these journalists today just try to grab on to something to make a headline instead of thinking through.

    • I am a health professional. I am not a fan of Meghan Markle as you can see in my other post. However, I honestly think that she was in fact pregnant and that she did give birth to Archie. Her post baby body and weight gain around the face was not fake. I think people should give that a rest as using this rumour as fact is unfair and people should reframe from slandering her with this.

  5. I agree that he can’t win either by announcing or not announcing. Both Prince Charles and Prime Minister were treated for COVID and with news of William being treated for COVID as well would have cause frenzy in the country. However, I also think that announcing would have highlighted to some ignorant youth that COVID can infect anyone whatever the age. If he announced it there will be some who will not be happy for hogging the limelight despite his privilege. If he does not announce it, there are some who are not happy for not having transparency. Lose Lose for him.

  6. 100 % agree. And the media behaving lately like a spurned lover! Classic and spot on. The media are very full of themselves. William is doing wonderfully.

  7. Prince William was right in his decision as Prince Charles and Boris were sick and he didn’t want a panic and he recovered quickly. Richard Palmer can go pound sand not really interested in his opinion – everyone has one!,

  8. I’m curious as to who “leaked” this story-especially as mm and JCMH were being accused of lying about Archies birth and called to task for keeping said son from PC. Nothing like a good deflecting story now, is there? As to Prince William, he will survive the attack by the media with the same dignity that he survived Covid.

    • The Sussexes lied on the grand scale on Archie’s birth.
      I remember that particular day when the news said Meghan was in labour then a few hours later that she already has given birth in the early morning. I was appaled by the lie, so brazen, so lacking respect for the people who welcomed her. I did not need media to rehash the stories, I remember it very well.


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