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Prince William Chases Destiny – Even if it Means Discarding Family

As he proved with Prince Harry, Prince William is not afraid to ditch family as a means to an end. Now, he's done it with his step-sister.

  • Prince William will, eventually, be the King of England.
  • He made clear with his “divorce” from Prince Harry and their mothers’ charity.
  • Now, however, he seems to be doing the same with the “step-sister” he was once very close with.

Prince William is a social climber.

Naturally, it’s well within his right to be — after all, he will, eventually, rule over the entire Kingdom of Great Britain.

But must he really do it at the expense of family?

Prince William Already Divorced His Brother

As we’ve previously revealed, Prince William has officially “divorced” his brother, Prince Harry, as they split the remainder of their mother’s charity between their two separate efforts.

This “divorce” was inevitable, especially as Prince Harry moved to the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their child and stepped away as an active royal.

And, if you believe certain reports, the fracture first began when the elder Windsor and his wife, Kate Middleton, used their press secretary as a tool to feed rumors to the British gutter press about their sister-in-law, so as to “throw the scent off” his trail about his alleged affair.

So the fact that Prince William and Prince Harry are no longer on the best of terms is, perhaps, unsurprising.

But what is surprising is that the future King of England is also avoiding his step-siblings.

How Petty Can You Be?

In a recent report, it was revealed that Camillia Parker-Bowles’ daughter, Laura Lopes, was once close with Prince William and Prince Harry.

By show of hands, who’s surprised? | Source: Twitter

Today, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Lopes seems to be avoiding the British Royal Family at all costs. She’s no longer going to royal events, though she insists that she was “extremely close” with her step-brothers at one point.

Is it, perhaps, because she’s connected to the “Tatler”? Hmm. Quite a small world we live in, isn’t it?

It’s sad. It’s sad that the future King of England has marooned himself onto an emotional island in pursuit of the unattainable: perfection.

Prince William will one day be King, but he will have burned bridges along the way.

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Last modified: September 26, 2020 9:16 AM

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