Is Prince Harry ‘Incredibly Unhappy’ in His Marriage? I’m Afraid So.

  • The relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has always been a rather strange one.
  • It’s obvious to all but the most blinkered outsider that Meghan’s aim was royal status.
  • The signs are there that Prince Harry is unhappy in his marriage. But will he do anything about it?

Almost since the day that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married has the question been asked:

Is Prince Harry actually happy in his relationship with Meghan?

While many hand-wringers point towards that line of questioning being more to do with Meghan’s ethnic background than anything else, the truth is, the question is being asked based on the mannerisms and actions of Prince Harry himself.

And it would appear that royal fans aren’t the only people asking this question.

Prince Harry is “deeply unhappy” in his marriage claims royal insider

The terms “royal insider” and “royal biographer” are thrown around rather liberally these days.

Hugo Vickers, however, is as close to the real deal as you can get. He’s certainly no Omid Scobie.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Vickers commented on Prince Harry and his marriage to Meghan Markle:

He, no doubt, thought he had found himself a very exotic and glamorous wife out of the norm. Actresses can be very beguiling. Unfortunately, he finds himself now living in California, away from his family, friends, his work, and the Army, and all the things he had known.

Tellingly, the long-time royal biographer concluded:

He looks incredibly unhappy and has been hooked by a political activist as far as I can see.

Is Hugo Vickers right? Is Prince Harry unhappy? | Source: Twitter

Meghan Markle fans will obviously disagree and accuse Vickers of ulterior motives

The truth is, some people will never be convinced, and that’s okay. But, the question I’ve often asked is how this situation would be interpreted if the roles were reversed?

Imagine a more experienced, savvy man marrying a besotted princess, only to then move her away from her family and friends to a part of the world where she was surrounded only by his family and friends?

Imagine a failed actor using that princess’s title for financial gain in Hollywood and to finance a mansion and a lifestyle that he could never afford off his own hard work and reputation?

Yeah, things would be seen a little differently, no doubt, right?

The truth is Hugo Vickers has been around long enough to see through the antics of the likes of Meghan Markle.

The problem for Prince Harry is, he’s deep in a hole now, and there’s no easy way out

Prince Harry knows he’s been taken for a ride. The wayward royal may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s not a complete moron.

Harry’s problem is that in an attempt to no longer be “the third wheel” in the group with Prince William and Duchess Kate, he’s found himself in a bit of a predicament.

He allowed himself to become captivated by Meghan.

Is Prince Harry really as happy as some photos seem to suggest? | Source: Twitter

Not only that, he now has a son, and they are both holed away in pandemic-stricken California, where Prince Harry has no support network of his own.

Hugo Vickers commented:

If you unwind it all, you see an ambitious young woman who was a minor star, an actress who could dazzle him [Harry], and that’s exactly what she did.

Unfortunately for Prince Harry, that minor acting star put on the performance of her life and now has the ultimate prize.

Even if Prince Harry were to wake up tomorrow, realizing he’s been played and returns to the United Kingdom, Meghan is set for life now.

The knowledge he’s been used will continue to eat away at Harry until he wakes up.

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27 thoughts on “Is Prince Harry ‘Incredibly Unhappy’ in His Marriage? I’m Afraid So.”

    • We can understand your idolatry of Meghan and your blind hate of anyone who doesn’t adore her, but it isn’t an excuse to disturb people like us who still know how to think for themselves.

  1. There should have been a permanent residence in London and a permanent residence in the U.S. or Canada. Harry should be able to take Archie WITHOUT Meghan if he wants to, and visit with his family. The child is royal and should not be so far removed from his entire family. This is not going to be a healthy situation for little Archie, as he will grow up not knowing his cousins. They will be total and complete strangers to him, and there will be no familial bond, such as exists with those of us in families where we see groups of our cousins very frequently. Harry sacrificed everything. Meghan didn’t sacrifice a thing. On the outside looking in, this is what it appears to me to be.

    When we fall in love with someone, we fall in love with who they are when we meet them. That includes their love of sports, their activities in the military, their humanitarianism, their relationship with their family and their friends or buddies, their monthly poker parties, or monthly mani-pedi girls day out – whatever. All of these types of activities continue to go on while a couple is dating. Perhaps some of those activities lessen in terms of frequency as the spouse and children become more of the focus – BUT – each human being has elements of themselves and their personalities that require ongoing nurturing.

    When ALL of it is taken away, that indicates a controlling factor with one or the other spouse. I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, nor do I work in mental health. These are my observations from my personal experiences, what I’ve seen in relationships of family and friends, and what I have read.

  2. Harry has been unhappy since leaving his family, friends and the UK.
    Meanwhile look how Meghan acts out for the photos with that “chirpy, I’m so happy and in love” look. Harry just looks like he’s not responding to her and getting on with his own thing. Lol.

  3. I hate to say this but Meghan has the perfect anchor for Harry in Archie . I doubt he’ll ever leave her as she is the mother of his child.

    • Mother? Maybe by surrogate. Watch the you tube of her pillow dropping in the purple dress or her pillow swaying back and forth in the black and white dress or kneeling down in the green dress. Oh my the baby disappeared. She’s conned Harry cause in videos when mentioning Archie he always looks down. Hmmm

  4. Its so sad. I was rooting for her in the beginning but it seems she didnt even try to make it work with his family. You marry a prince and have a baby only to have the prince denounce the very thing that you so desperately seemed to want at first and then when it didnt fit your agenda and you werent loved by the british media like you thought you would be because they could see through your B.S then you wanna run back to Hollywood thinking if you brought back a prince you would then be repsected and your status would change from B actress to Halle Berry. Um no!! People are seeing the real you and the reason why you were never liked or taken serious in Hollywood. No one likes a phony or a sociopath. I hope he is able to wake up and get back to himself before he loses all sight of who he is and what he means to the royal family and his legacy. Something Meghan didnt even try to understand. Very sad indeed.

  5. Harry unfortunately probably believed Meghan when she said she would be happy to be at his side going forward, supporting the Monarchy, carrying out her duties, and being a team player. That all changed quickly once she had the ring on her finger, and especially once she had her trump card, Archie. Was Harry aware she retained her Hollywood agent, manager, and lawyer during their courtship, marriage and brief time within the royal family? Why? What could her motive be? She was planning on staying in the UK, right?

  6. I think Harry is as much to blame for the entire situation as Meghan. While she was definitely aiming for marrying a prince and getting the royal status, he was the one party who well and truly knew what she would be facing after marriage. He had seen how the press chased Diana, he had witnessed how Kate was being treated and how his aunt was being bashed. Nevertheless, he stormed right into marriage despite his family urging him to take things slowly. His former girlfriends had left him because they saw what their lives would be like at his side and opted out. What if he wanted to “bag” Meghan before she could fully realize what she was getting into? Once she had the ring on her finger, she could not just walk out of his life again as the others had done. It’s mere speculation, of course, but if it was true, it wouldn’t paint him in a very favourable light either. In fact, it would be a very selfish train of thought and border on conning. Then again, it takes two to have an unhealthy relationship.

    • Meghan is a pretty smart cookie. Don’t tell me that she didn’t have any idea what royal life would be like? She accepted the $40,000,000 wedding and said she was keen to start her royal duties while secretly retaining her Hollywood agent, manager & lawyer. Things changed very quickly once she was married. She attended Prince Charles’s 70th birthday celebration (a garden party with invited members of the public) a couple of days after the wedding. She stayed long enough for Harry’s short speech and a photo op and then made Harry leave as she was bored. That was completely against protocol and an early sign of how she intended to handle her royal life.

    • I think Harry has a lot to answer for. It has been said that he wanted to leave the RF well before Megan came on the scene, so why take the big wedding and the titles? If he wanted to live his life outside of the RF, the public would have supported his choice, as they would have wanted him to be happy. If fact,I believe many would have seen this as a courageous and moral move. They both wanted it all. Sad.

  7. Meagan used Harry as a steppingstone to wealth and fame. I hope Harry realizes this and leaves her. Personally I can’t stand that woman

  8. Harry is a complicated piece of the puzzle. He looks depressed and lost in many, many of the pictures coming out of California. By the same token, he seems to be adoring of Meghan in many other pictures and videos, too.I think he really loves her.

    I think Meghan was falling apart in the U.K. probably due to the bad press she was getting, and I think there was a lot of sobbing and crying behind closed doors. All this right after he has become a father for the first time. To his credit, I think he has manned up in trying to hold his marriage together and make his wife happy. Don’t forget he witnessed all kinds of dysfunction with his own parents. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be another divorce statistic. Meghan probably told him point blank she wanted to leave and they started planning their escape.

    Harry is probably lonely. That house in Montecito doesn’t help—14,000 sq ft with only the three of them, maybe four if her mother is there. A place like that can make anybody feel lonely. Then there is Christmas. The Fosters and H&M? That’s not Christmas, that’s a dinner date with another couple. The whole thing is really sad and it was all so avoidable if Meghan wasn’t such a political nutcase.

    • Meghan brought a lot of bad press on herself by having the hubris to think she could change the Monarchy to suit herself and her purposes. She made no attempt to fit in, to co-ordinate her schedule of events with BP, or to follow royal protocols. She had no intention of staying in Britain. She worked a total of 72 days during her 2-year stint with the royals. Compare this with the other senior royals who perform a total of 2,000 public engagements between them each year.
      Once she had the baby, what was Harry going to do? He really had no choice but to follow her and make the best of it.

      • Very well said. Glad to have you back posting. I know the Sussex squad thinks we are Meghan haters, but this whole thing with H&M beginning with the dating, the engagement, the wedding, the Thomas Markle mess, the baby, and then Megxit has been a stunning chain of events. What is so baffling about the whole thing is how Meghan threw away a tremendous opportunity all of us would die for, for cheap California living and woke politics. It is so beyond belief, I can’t read enough about it. It’s how I found this site.

      • Agreed. She didn’t make a lot of effort to learn what would be required of her. He didn’t listen to his big brother when he said, don’t do it Harry. Not so fast. Give yourselves some more time. Had Harry listened to that suggestion, it is likely that the marriage would not have happened at all. OR, Meghan would have spent more time with the Queen and her sister-in-law, and really learned and understood was required of her. This would have gone a LONG way even with the press, as they learned that she was “in training” before she married Harry – for at least a full year – not 5 minutes.

    • I do believe Harry is sincere in his feelings for her, and he wants her to be happy. More’s the pity, since Meghan doesn’t seem to care about his happiness. It’s a tangled web and won’t end well, I fear.

  9. If we go back to their engagement interview, we should notice something is not right. Yet Harry didn’t have the guts to call it off. He dug his own hole deeper and deeper. Maybe he enjoys the soothing touch and exultation or could it be the sex from an experience yacht girl. How can he be happy living in California without his drinking friends, his polo games, and the freedom to do whatever and whenever he wants. Don’t forget the honorable praise from the military too.

  10. I completely agree. Just Harry is definitely not happy at all, far from whatever they say. Harry cannot be happy as he has been dominated by his narcissistic wife who at the beginning made him feel that he is a special man, so charismatic that he should be the king and everyone prefers him to his brother. And he has the guts to do things that Prince William dare not. Now Harry has become the weaker part. Whatever he does has to be approved by his wife because obviously he is not as intellegent as his wife. Being a narcissist, MM thinks Harry is stupid and she has to teach and guide him. Her adorable look at Harry is only for the camera. MM in fact despises her husband. How can Harry be happy at home with a woman who critises him all the time?


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