Prince Harry’s Startup Raises Scrutiny – And I Fear He’s Getting Desperate

It’s been reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry haven’t made any money since leaving the royal family, but is the couple desperate?

Prince Harry

A startling new report suggests Prince Harry's travel startup Travalyst, a limited company, is gaining funds from a royal charity. | Source: Robyn Beck / AFP)

  • The Express has made some explosive claims about Prince Harry and the funds being allocated to his Travalyst startup.
  • The factor that has a lot of fans asking questions is the status of Travalyst as a limited company rather than a charity.
  • Should royal foundation funds be allocated to a project that isn’t a registered charity? Time will tell.

In what can only be described as an explosive accusation, the Express in the UK has claimed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have taken thousands of dollars from a royal charity and deposited the sum into a limited company owned by the British royal in Travalyst.

Such a move would be extremely contentious, especially considering the fact that as of the time of writing, Travalyst is not a registered charity.

Is Prince Harry acting illegally?

This is the question that most onlookers are asking, and the answer at the moment is that no one actually knows for sure.

There’s a lot of conjecture online, but it would be unfair to make such claims when we don’t know the full story.

Accusations are increasing online of inappropriate use of funds | Source: Twitter

With that said, the anonymous source who leaked the information to the Express claims that all funds held under the Sussex Royal banner will be moved to Travalyst:

During its 12 months, the sole program in operation and development at the charity has been the sustainable travel and tourism initiative, Travalyst. Travalyst is now operating as an independent nonprofit based in the UK, and all assets from Sussex Royal will transfer over.

Travalyst is making waves in the travel industry, but a lot is still unknown

While Travalyst is going from strength to strength, partnering with industry giants such as, Visa, and Trip Advisor, there isn’t much known about the structure of the company itself.

As of today, there aren’t any actual services that would warrant the $375,000 that the startup has received from royal foundation funds.

Despite this, Travalyst and Prince Harry have been making noises about helping the travel industry fight against the effects of the recent pandemic:

The travel and tourism sector has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with communities and people’s livelihoods impacted around the world. The Travalyst partnership is committed to playing an active role in helping communities that rely on tourism rebuild and recover in ways that support their long-term sustainability and resilience.

What does Prince Harry intend to do with the funds raised?

While it’s entirely plausible that Prince Harry has perfectly honorable intentions regarding the use of funds allocated to his travel project, Travalyst has been registered as a limited company and not a charity. That raises questions with the allocation of funds.

Regardless of the legality of it all, there’s no doubt this situation is doing the Hollywood Royals no favors | Source: Twitter

This is just the latest blow to Prince Harry and his eco-warrior “brand.”

Not only is the Prince guilty of using gas-guzzling luxury vehicles and taking private jets all over the world, but now he has these questions hanging over him regarding Travalyst and the use of charitable royal funds?

Honestly, can it get any worse for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? It’s been one PR disaster after another for the former royals.

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