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Prince Harry Won’t Lose Royal Title Over a Netflix Deal, So Quit It

Published September 30, 2020 10:33 AM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Published September 30, 2020 10:33 AM
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix deal continues to have people in an uproar.
  • A “former minister” named Norman Baker is leading the charge to have the Duke of Sussex stripped of his royal title.
  • These calls are getting more and more ridiculous — and sound more like sour grapes than anything else.

If you believe the old royal loyalists, Prince Harry should have gotten his title stripped a long time ago.

After all, how dare he make his own money in a Netflix deal after all but being kicked out of his home country by the very gutter press that has had it in for his wife from the day she set foot on Britain’s shores?

But I’m sure it’s A-OK for Prince Andrew to continue to hold all his royal titles, his pomp, and his circumstance — even after it’s been confirmed that he’s done far worse with far more disgusting people than the Duke of Sussex ever will, right?

Norman Baker is Bitter That Prince Harry Continues To Have His Title

In 2013, Norman Baker served as the Minister of State for Crime Prevention. Naturally, he’s still bitter that Prince Harry continues to hold his title while he does not.

It’s the only explanation for why he opened his mouth on “Good Morning Britain” and spit out this verbal diarrhea .

The Queen can take away the title because it was taken away from Harry’s mother after her divorce, so there’s a precedent for this. HRH means he is representing Britain abroad, and he’s not representing Britain abroad.

He almost sounds as mad as Piers Morgan does in the clip below.

First of all, Mr. Baker, the Princess of Wales didn’t get the title stripped — she voluntarily forfeited it  when she divorced Prince Charles in 1996. And here’s a newsflash: Queen Elizabeth II had no qualms with Diana keeping the title, if she wanted it . It was Prince Charles who was being Prince Petty and wanted her stripped of the title, all because she had the courage to call out his disgusting adultery. How quickly we forget, eh Mr. Baker?

Second, let me see if I understand this correctly: Prince Harry brings shame! total shame! on the royal family with his Netflix deal, but Prince Charles’s ‘let me be your tampon’ comments and Prince Andrew’s cavorts with underage girls in the company of Jeffrey Epstein gets a “well done, old chap” from the stiff-upper-lip crowd.

Is that what you’re suggesting, former Minister Baker?

Sour Grapes

To be frank, this call from the former minister sounds like nothing more than sour grapes towards Prince Harry — and, by extension, towards Meghan Markle. What’s more, a quick glance at the comments towards The Daily Mail reveals that most Britons either “couldn’t give a toss” if the Duke and Duchess retain their royal titles, or they want Prince Andrew stripped of his title first. Guess that little smear campaign isn’t working out anymore.

Prince Harry
Looks like the smear campaigns towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t working anymore. | Source: Twitter 

Britain’s gutter press all but drove them out of the country, and even now, as they try to do nothing but mind the business that pays them, they’re getting attacked from all sides.

I’m still curious as to when the press will back off of Prince Harry and start focusing on Prince Andrew and his wrongdoing…and Prince Andrew has done far, far worse than getting a Netflix deal.

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