Prince Harry Must Redeem Himself if He Still Wants a Royal Future

  • Prince Harry appears to be lurching from one PR gaffe to another these days.
  • It’s reached the stage where even his close friends and allies are beginning to doubt if there’s a way back for him.
  • The Netflix deal could prove pivotal in Harry’s future. Will he break the habit of making the wrong decisions? Or continue down this path of destruction?

It seems with each passing faux pas Prince Harry makes it increasingly difficult for himself to salvage his ruined reputation as a British royal.

He has seen his popularity plummet, and his relationship with his family is seemingly in tatters.

The question is, at which stage will the estranged royal reach the point of no return? Or has he surpassed that landmark already?

Has Prince Harry reached the point of no return?

Some believed Prince Harry had already reached an unprecedented level of ridicule before the embarrassing antics of this past remembrance weekend.

I’ve often said that the Sussexes have pretty much committed every PR mistake possible since departing their roles as working royals earlier this year.

From Prince Harry being duped into believing he was on a phone call with climate activist Greta Thunberg to his ridiculous comments regarding the Commonwealth and racism faced by his wife, Meghan Markle.

With each passing incident, it would appear that Harry is drifting further and further from both his roots and his family, which is a sad thing to see.

I’m not one for wishing ill-will on anyone, including Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but it seems he’s intent on destroying the reputation he had built for himself after he emerged from his troubled early years.

Prince Harry’s cemetery fiasco didn’t help his ruined reputation any. | Source: Twitter

Even those closest to Harry are beginning to doubt he can rehabilitate his reputation and image

Prince Harry has a stellar reputation as a military man. This is one thing that cannot be undone. He served his country with distinction, and despite the fact he’s now a shell of the man he once was, it’s an accolade that will be with him for the rest of his life.

However, even his military allies are beginning to doubt Harry can get out of the “awkward situation” he finds himself in.

Lord Dannatt, an ex-army superior close with Prince Harry, has tellingly commented on the prince’s current predicament.

Commenting during an interview with Times Radio, Lord Dannatt said:

I had a lot to do with Prince Harry over the years. I’m still in close contact with him, and I’m a huge supporter of Prince Harry.

Despite obviously being supportive of Harry, Lord Dannatt didn’t try to hide his critique of the position Prince Harry finds himself in now:

He’s made certain life choices including where he’s living and what he’s doing, and that places him in an awkward position with regards to other things that are very important to him, which is playing a role as a member of the Royal Family and particularly being involved in charities. Now, it is difficult for him to square that circle at the present moment, but he continues to have my support. Over time he will make a great contribution to our national life as he has in the past.

I admire Lord Dannatt’s optimism, but I’m not entirely sure I agree on that last part.

What does Prince Harry have to do to redeem himself?

This is the million-dollar question, and I honestly believe that the next six months will determine if there’s a road back to royal respectability for Prince Harry.

There’s one factor that will play a massive part in the equation.


We’ve already seen how the streaming giant has portrayed Harry’s father, Prince Charles, in the latest season of The Crown. I’m being polite when I say that it hasn’t been kind to the future king.

Netflix hasn’t won Prince Charles many fans, that’s for sure. | Source: Twitter

Now, this is perfectly fine. I’m sure that Prince Charles isn’t all that bothered by how he’s portrayed in a fictional television show. God knows he’s been lampooned and criticized for decades now.

However, what will hurt him is seeing his own son collaborate with that same company, especially if that collaboration involves either his family connections or cashing in on his late mother’s popularity.

When it comes to family, there’s usually always a way back. But I fear the Netflix deal could end up making Prince Harry millions of dollars, but costing him the priceless relationships with his family.

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14 thoughts on “Prince Harry Must Redeem Himself if He Still Wants a Royal Future”

  1. They were hugely popular when members of the Royal Family. Harry himself has said that royals are “not celebrities” and have to be very careful to maintain the distinction. Meghan, however, was a minor celebrity and wanted to be a bigger one. She felt the royals weren’t making the best use of them and their popularity, without understanding there are protocols and a pecking order to follow, and that her job was to support the Monarchy, not to aggrandize herself.
    She visualized a celebrity life in H’wood, in which she & H maintained their HRH titles, with the respect and protocols the title demands – i.e. curtsying and bowing in their presence. Imagine Brad Pitt having to bow to them! They would use the SussexRoyal brand to enrich themselves and they would come back to Britain when it suited, to partake in the glamorous aspects of being a royal: the carriage rides and the balcony gatherings.
    So they would be very rich celebrities and also rarified royals. She overplayed her hand and this was not allowed to happen. Royals can not merchandise their connection to the throne.
    What Meghan failed to realize was that their appeal stemmed solely from the fact that they were working members of the royal family and she was the newest member. Take that away and they became just celebrities like everyone else in Los Angeles.
    To justify their leaving so soon (18 months after the wedding) and in such an abrupt manner they had to paint themselves as victims. Since leaving (only 8 months ago!) they have made so many gaffes and PR faux-pas and been so spiteful towards the royals that it’s hard to see any pathway back for them.
    They have now employed their 12th PR company. It seems their reputations are irredeemable at this point.

  2. The only thing I can think of as to why Harry allows Meghan to call the shots is his love of her and his son. I think Harry really believes Meghan got the shaft from the tabloids and that the royal family didn’t intervene on her behalf. And if it is true that H&M were videotaping their time at Frogmore, I would bet there are a lot of shots of Meghan crying. This is why she has said she was misunderstood. It’s such a screwed up mess that could have been avoided if they had simply communicated with Thomas Markle on the phone before the wedding, not texting. A lot of heartache and destruction could have been avoided.

    • I agree Irene, but I also think Thomas is probably a very stubborn, proud man. He didn’t appreciate Harry (whom his daughter hadn’t bothered introducing him to) telling him how he should behave. He actually slammed down the phone on him. But Meghan, who knows well her father adores her and would be used to his “moods”, could easily have cajoled him and put things right.
      For whatever reason, she didn’t. Maybe it was the prospect of a future King of England walking her down the aisle in his stead?
      For a woman who is used to promoting an image for PR purposes, it is odd she didn’t make an effort to reconcile with Thomas, if only for selfish reasons. Her life-long friend Priddy, who called her “very calculated” and said Harry should be “very, very, careful”, didn’t help her image either.
      But, I do think Meghan (and possibly Harry) had no intention of staying within the royal family. Hollywood always beckoned.

  3. At least there’s been one positive development: Frogmore is now populated by intelligent people that appreciate its splendor and their privilege for having it as their home.

  4. What relationship with his family. Me-gain has already ruined that relationship like she does all others. The yacht girl stalked Harry for 35 million. Too bad he was so desperate for love he didn’t see how she conned him

  5. I believe what we are witnessing is the real Harry – a person resentful of being “the spare” and less academically talented than his brother. The Palace was able to “cover up” the real Harry. Meghan has exploited the real Harry for her own gains.

  6. In my opinion, they have gone past the point of no return. They certainly has bitten off more than they can chew against both the royal family as well as the British Press. They overestimated themselves in thinking that they are bigger than the royal family and the press. They wage a war that they cannot win in my opinion. They wage the war against the royals by throwing repeated subtle underhanded insulting comments at the royal family, writing the Finding Freedom book disparaging the royal court as well as members of royal family and attempting to draw sympathy and attention with their fake victim story during the remembrance day photoshoot at the expense of the royal family. I hope that those things don’t go unnoticed and that when the review comes that their actions are taken into account and consideration.

    They waged the war against the very British Press that they need to remain the celebrity. That was a bad move on their part to file lawsuits against the press. Now all their lies are coming out and their credibility is starting to get ruined during the court case. The more they forged forward, the worse it gets for them.

    • The unanswered question is: who leaked the story to the press that Harry had had a wreath made despite having no permission to it being included in the British ceremony? Another question is: why is it not included in the media that the wreaths laid at the British ceremony represented organizations, etc. NOT individuals as “just call me Harry” is now.

      • It is obvious to everyone that the Montecito camp leaked the story to get the pity party for the Montecito duo. The omission of the fact that the wreaths laid at the cenotaph represent organisation further highlight their underhanded way to sway the public opinion in their favour. Their usual sycophantic journalist Omid dared to claim that it was the Palace that leaked the news. If you think about it, Palace had nothing to gain from leaking this story. The duo had everything to gain i.e. sympathy and attention which was exactly what they wanted.

    • It does appear that Meghan is deliberately recreating the Diana story, with herself in the starring role – Diana 2.0 in fact, as some have noted. Royal husband not involved with someone else? Never mind that you have no real reason to be unhappy – just claim you’re not thriving. Grey men in suits stopping you from doing what you want (ie breaking royal protocol)? Let’s call them vipers. Not hounded by photographers the way Diana was? Hire your own paparazzo (to date, the budget doesn’t seem to have stretched to paparazzi). Want to make a mark, like Diana did for AIDS sufferers or landline clearance? Jump on every woke bandwagon that you can find (what would you do without BLF?) Release an equivalent of Diana: Her True Story? Done! (except Funding Freedom’s revelations aren’t terribly interesting, nor as well-written). Is a car chase through a tunnel in the offing? lots of stunt people available in Hollywood to make it look convincing.

      • They are trying to wage a war against the royal but they do not dare to declare war outright. So all they are able to do is a few commando attacks to see if they can win some of the small battles but I don’t see a good outcome from this. What they are doing is very pointless. I think this is especially for Meghan’s spite, she is bitter that she did not get what she wanted during the Megxit negotiations and hence all these battles.


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