Prince Harry’s Royal Family Reconciling Won’t Happen – And Here’s Why

  • There’s been a lot of talk about the possibility of Prince Harry reconciling with his family.
  • I believe he will. Eventually.
  • However, by then, it may be too late to mend fences with his grandparents.

The rift between Prince Harry and his family is now front and center of most media outlets that report on the royal family.

A big reason for this is the new book written by “Netflix Bob” Robert Lacey, which sensationalizes the breakdown in relations between the two British princes.

But while the book covers the supposed circumstances surrounding the issues between Prince William and Prince Harry, it seemingly does little to predict how this will all play out.

First of all, you shouldn’t be surprised that Prince Harry is having issues with his family

If you know anything about Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, you should know that becoming estranged from family is sort of a tradition with her.

In fact, she pretty much cuts out anyone who either can’t help further her brand or who has become surplus to requirements.

Considering the absolute level of control Meghan seems to have over Prince Harry, that he’s now estranged from his brother should surprise no one.

It’s a classic control technique. Divide the victim from their support network, ensuring they have to rely on you entirely.

Ingrid Seward believes there is no reconciliation on the cards. | Source: Twitter

What are the chances of Prince Harry and his family reconciling?

There are differing viewpoints on this topic, with the likes of Robert Lacey claiming that there’s a small window for the brothers to reconcile. In contrast, the likes of Ingrid Seward believes that Meghan, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate will never go back to how they were in the beginning.

Speaking to the Mirror, Ingrid commented:

You never know with family relationships. Sometimes it becomes more of an effort to try and repair it than it is just to leave it as it is. I rather doubt that they will ever get back to how they used to be. I really don’t think so. I think that’s probably a broken relationship.

In my opinion, Christmas will be the final straw for many in the royal family when it comes to Prince Harry.

I’ve often said, and I hate to repeat it, but this could quite easily be the last Christmas for Prince Philip, or even Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles.

None of them are young anymore, and while you certainly hope that all remain healthy and live long lives, you have to recognize that when your grandparents are in their mid to late 90’s there’s a good chance they won’t see out another year.

I hope this is something Prince Harry is considering before he makes his decision this year. He could end up living to regret the time he missed with loved ones, even if Meghan Markle is teaching him that family doesn’t matter unless it’s her.

For any reconciliation to occur, Meghan would need to be a non-factor

Ingrid continued when talking to The Mirror:

I think perhaps if something happened to Catherine or Meghan, the boys would be together again. But as long as their ladies are there and their families are there. If there was an awful tragedy, it would bring them together, but otherwise, I don’t think that relationship will be mended. But that is a really personal point of view, and I might not be right.

Sadly, I think Ingrid may be correct.

While absolutely no one would want there to be a tragedy or something to happen to any of them, I feel that Prince Harry only reconciles with his family if and when Meghan Markle becomes a non-factor.

My feeling is that this will happen once a divorce is on the cards. And don’t misunderstand me; I don’t wish for them to divorce. There’s a young child involved, and he should always have both parents (and his grandparents, but that’s another story) in his life.

However, going by Meghan’s track record, I believe that once the pandemic blows over and things return to normal somewhat, we’ll see Prince Harry become surplus to requirements.

At that point, he probably returns home with his ego battered and bruised.

But, as always, his older brother will be there to help pick up the pieces. It’s what brothers do, after all, even when one of them has been incredibly stupid.

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34 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s Royal Family Reconciling Won’t Happen – And Here’s Why”

  1. I agree with you Aubrey. It will happen when MM is a non factor I don’t think Kate has much significance as some would like to pose. Robert Lacey has no valid opinion as he has been biased from the start.It would seem like he is the lead cheerleader of the Sussex Squad. If Harry misses Christmas and his grandparents pass that’s something he will have to live with. If Harry and Meghan stay together I feel they’ll live their lives away from the UK just like Edward and Wallis Simpson did. Harry will bare the burden of this separation no matter what!,

  2. I agree that there is no hope of reconciliation between the brothers as long as Meghan is in the picture. Even then, while William may forgive Harry, I don’t think he’ll forget, nor will he ever fully trust his brother again. As for Catherine – before Meghan arrived on the scene, she and Harry had a close relationship (he once referred to her as the sister he never had). However, I don’t think she will ever forget – or even truly forgive – Harry for standing by and doing nothing when Meghan carried out her full-on campaign of trashing her at every opportunity.
    As for Christmas at Sandringham – the royal family might want to see Harry there with them, but U’m sure that Meghan would be as welcome as a skunk at a picnic.

  3. I think Harry will fall right back into the family when they divorce, easily, and they’ll be very welcoming and support him. It’s definitely not if but when. My crystal ball says 2 kids, and when they’re aged in a range from 8-11. At that age she can dump Harry and put the kids in traditional schooling, so she’s not “abandoning” them. She can’t go Full Diana until she’s put enough time in to make a case that she’s fought so hard and long within the horrible RF. That’s her goal. Not a long life in a happy family. Just long enough to cleanly get out with the empathy of the public and cash in without restraint.

  4. Aubrey, I don’t ever see Meghan divorcing Harry. She has everything she wants with the arrangement that exists with him. Harry has to be the one who has to come to his senses.I think when they still had that Instagram account, there were trolls that posted some mean racist slurs at Meghan. She cried, he felt badly for her, and now he is in full protective mode.

    I think the death of Prince Philip or the Queen would be a wake-up call for Harry. I can’t imagine him not returning to England for something like that which could potentially break the ice between the brothers.

    I don’t know how Meghan can sleep nights knowing what she has done to this family. It is self-centeredness run amok.

    • I tend to agree, but how terribly said if it takes the death of a loved one to bring Harry to his senses. That would be so tragic.

  5. They’re not going home for Christmas because of COVID. Harry himself said they’d have been back sooner but for the pandemic. More dreck, which is proof of why the Sussexes gave up almost everything and left. They can’t do anything right as far as you people are concerned.

  6. I actually don’t think that Meghan will let Harry go for a while yet. She still needs him as she is curating an image and brand and that brand need Harry in the picture. Without Harry, she will be twice divorcee who failed at being a royalty. She can’t have that ammunition for her critics. I see Harry getting stuck with her for a long time yet.

    • @Joan I think you’re right. She’ll leave him for someone richer, but nothing less. Now that she’s got a taste for servants, security detail, chauffeured cars, designer clothes, private jets, mansions, etc which enables her to play the gracious Lady Bountiful (NB only by verbal utterances, because talk is cheap) without having to actually earn an income, it’s hard to see her settling for anything less.

    • I agree, Joan. Meghan is the winning party right now. She’s gotten what she wanted, except for Sussex Royal and the big Hollywood acting career. I mean, she’s got a mansion in Montecito living next door to Oprah!

      Meghan has all the signs of suffering deep guilt for the disastrous breakup of the brothers. Guilty people try to show the world how generous and caring they are. This is why she is on this Save the World campaign and showing up at one after another charity organization. Meghan is on a nonstop “caring” binge right now.

      • @Grownup Irene I don’t think Meghan has any guilt at all. Her actions equally can be interpreted as self-promotion, self-aggrandisement, self-service – I could go on. ‘Doing’ charity work is to cultivate an image – if she were serious, she would stick with one and provide regular support. I also have the impression that, in the US, to be seen doing charitable work is a status symbol of a kind, done by persons of a certain standing in society. As far as I am concerned, as long as charities benefit, the motives are irrelevant. In Meghan’s case, jumping on the bandwagon of the cause du jour is hardly doing charitable work. I believe she is still patron of a couple of charities in the UK – if so, I have not heard of any work she has done for them (except sponsoring a dog, I think).

    • meghan after divorcing harry will be a THIRD divorcee. everyone seems to sweep Joe Giuliano under the rug. HIS PARENTS had it annulled cause they saw right thru Megsy.

      • First husband name is Joseph Goldman-Guiliano, a criminal lawyer, not Joe Giuliano. His parents paid Meghan a hefty sum and annuled the marriage.

        • thank you for the validation and correction of his name. Little Miss “I use men for my social climbing and wealth” needs to be called out on this one.

    • Boy where do I start with this. Firstly hate is such a strong word. We dislike her but not hate her as we don’t know her personally.

      She is a pathological liar and serial plagiarist. She claimed she does not know who Harry is in engagement interview but has Diana book in her library, was pictured in front of Buckingham palace as a teen and blog about William and Kate’s wedding on her Tig blog. She claims that she paid her way through college but in fact her father paid for her expensive private school education as well as uni tuition. She has plagiarised multiple quotes and ideas without giving credit to the sources.

      She is materialistic and superficial. She invited only famous celebrities that she does not know to her wedding for networking purposes while dissing her family including her black side of the family and the family members that helped her in the past. She blogged about Ivanka Trump’s jewellery collections and wardrobe enviously in her Tig blog. She had name dropping of brands and celebrities in her autobiography/hagiography FF. She happily merchandise the clothes and jewellery she wears even while she was a working members of the royal family which she is not supposed to do. She exited the royal family because she is eyeing for $$$$ as being a working member of senior royal means that you cannot earn from commercial deals.

      She is hypocritical. She claims climate change but fly private jets everywhere she goes. She said she is a feminist but she uses her royal title that she gained through marriage in everything she does. She claims she is fighting for social justice while living in 14 million mansions and keeping the privileges associated with being a royalty.

      She displayed diva behaviour during her time as a royal. The Tiara-gate is one of the example with what Meghan want Meghan gets now becoming an immortal quote. She cleared out the tennis court around her and demanded that nobody snapped her pictures during the match. Over 10 staff members under her (some very experienced and worked for the queen for over a decade) quit in a short time and you can conclude that she is not a nice boss to work for. She arrogantly think that she will change the centuries old royal protocol to suit her needs.

      She is self entitled and has low self awareness. She cry poor me with the backdrop of Africa. She cannot understand why she is not equal to Catherine the Duchess in status and respect and is jealous of her. She is not happy that she is not the star of the show, constantly putting instagram post on Sussex Royal when other royal family has important events to highlight. She needs attention to herself all the time.

      She is divisive. She cry racism when she exited without admitting her wrong behaviours which is the source of her criticism. She was welcomed warmly by the entire nation when she married Harry but when she turned around to do this to the nation then of course people are going to be angry.

      She is disrespectful. This is evident in the way they exited the royal family without notifying the family but put out instagram post about their exit. She has been throwing multiple insults at the Queen since the royal exit with her saying that the Queen does not own the word Royal (the Queen does own the word royal), correcting the Commonwealth past wrong (it is British Empire’s past wrong and not Commonwealth’s), being glad to be home at California, Royal family not being affectionate and toxic, racist, sexist etc. It takes a lot to spit at people that feed you and it is clear she is lacking in grace. These are just a few examples but I could go on but it will be 300 pages long so I think I should stop here.

        • Thank you. I would like to add pretentious and fake to the list. She produced publicity photos and videos of her doing local charities that are copyrighted to them and send them to the media for publicity purposes. I thought doing charity means serving the less fortunate out of kindness but not for personal gain or glory.

      • This is great! Clear and concise. This should be shared and pasted every time some sugar asks, yet again, why people don’t like Meghan. Thank you so much for this.

        • You are welcome to share and paste my post if you like in the future. I don’t understand sugars why they are blinded or choose to ignore all the ugliness that is Meghan’s persona. I still think that they will deny these as true facts about their idol. You can’t reason with fools.

    • Because she hadn’t even tried to fit into the family. That will doom any marriage. Poor Harry and you wanted was to be loved. Should have listened to your relatives who truly loved you.

    • Whoa. I am an American who is so shocked at how badly Meghan has treated the royal family that I am embarrassed by her behavior. You are not informed or up to speed on this two-plus year story. Meghan, sorry to say, is the guilty party here.

    • Here in Australia she gets negative comments she uses people, she’s only interested in fame and money
      There isn’t a genuine humanitarian bone in her body

    • We don’t hate her, in fact, we don’t give a damn. She is a failed actress and a failed royal. Her attempts of become a global a global influencer makes us laugh as she lacks the power brain and wisdom for such an endeavour. The USA can keep her, Britain is better without.
      We care only for Prince Harry.

    • Because she’s a massively big target because of her extreme narcissism. Every step she has made historically and every step she is making now is coldly calculated and all about advancing herself. Just watch, Harry is only around until she doesn’t need him anymore. She’ll need him around until Netflix makes Lacey’s book a doco and Mrs and Mr Markle earn their retainer by “starring” in it. And with her starring the doco is guaranteed to be D grade. And by the way, you don’t have to be English to hate her.

  7. I also think the same way. The two brothers cannot really reconcile as long as just Harry believes he is a victim who has been unfairly treated by the royal family, choosing to ignore their love and patience towards him. MM is a rebel and a divider. She has a broken family and she makes sure her husband too is separated from his family so that she will have complete control over simple Harry. I am glad now that the trash takes itself out. No one would like to be close to snakes.

    • Harry will still have that chip on his shoulder, either with or without his harpy. He’s shown himself to be a big NOTHING, he’s incapable of even giving good speeches. He’s always been incredibly jealous of William and wanted to be King himself.


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