The Prince Harry and Prince William Feud? I Blame Meghan Markle

  • We’ve recently seen Prince William and the royal establishment blamed for the feud between Harry and his brother.
  • Basically, everyone has been blamed, except for one person.
  • Meghan Markle. And the truth is, she’s the person behind the feud.

Meghan Markle is responsible for any bad blood between Prince Harry and Prince William and the rest of the royal family.

There. I said it. The issue that most royal commentators are dancing around.

Be they afraid of accusations of racism or whatever, it seems to be a point that very few journalists or commentators are willing to touch.

Not only am I making the claim, but I’m going to give you my reasoning for it.

Some commentators are vastly over-exaggerating the effects of the feud between the brothers. | Source: Twitter

Prince Harry was “the spare” before he met Meghan Markle. This isn’t a recent thing

I know the term “spare” isn’t pleasant, but it’s what the media uses when talking about Prince William and Prince Harry.

The heir and the spare.

Personally, I think Prince Harry was given a tremendous opportunity that his brother simply did not have. William’s life has been mapped out for him since the day he first drew breath.

Prince Harry? He enjoys many of the same trappings of royal life that his brother does, such as the money, the fame, the attention from the media, and so forth.

But without any of the restrictions.

Harry could literally grow up to be anyone he wanted. And do anything he wanted.

Serve in the armed forces? Not a problem. Prince Harry could have had a terrific career as a soldier, enjoying the camaraderie that those individuals share, traveling the world, and doing his bit for Queen and country.

Charitable work? He could have dedicated his life to charity without any issues. Raising funds, attending dinners, and representing his family with dignity.

Do nothing and be a playboy prince? That was available to him as well, and God knows he dabbled in that lifestyle for a bit.

So yeah, the life of “the spare” isn’t all that bad, really.

Prince Harry changed once Meghan Markle got into his head

Prince Harry only really changed once he met Meghan Markle. Some would say he changed for the better, but I’m not so sure.

I tend to think that any positive change in Harry was entirely coincidental. Meghan had a plan in mind when she was filling Harry’s head with her nonsense.

Even Netflix Bob, Robert Lacey, one of the Sussexes’ biggest cheerleaders of late, admitted that Prince Harry changed once Meghan Markle appeared on the scene.

A point well made. If the roles were reversed, how would the media have reacted? | Source: Twitter

Of course, Lacey’s agenda is to blame Prince William for everything, but if you look past his grudge against the future King, you can read between the lines.

As reported by The Mirror, Lacey claimed:

He and William both misbehaved, but Harry was blamed for everything. He became resentful of the stereotyping in the media. I think Meghan helped him to see the injustice of that, put it in words, and react against it. Her arrival was a crucial moment.

Prince Harry wasn’t “blamed” for everything, Bob. He was reported on more because he had more freedom to live a wild life as a young man than his brother.

But yes, Meghan’s arrival was a crucial moment. For her and her career.

Not everyone is buying into the media narrative that Prince William is to blame. | Source: Twitter

Meghan Markle took advantage of the inferiority complex Harry feels towards his brother

Look, everyone knows how it can be with brothers. There’s a competitive streak between some siblings. And there certainly was that between Prince Harry and Prince William.

And it’s clear now that Prince Harry felt inferior to his brother. You can hardly blame him, as William was always going to be the center of royal attention.

But that doesn’t mean Prince Harry couldn’t have forged his own path, just as I mentioned above. He could have done anything he wanted.

Let’s get one thing straight. Meghan Markle didn’t “open Harry’s eyes” to the injustice he faced in royal life because she wanted him to flourish as a person.

She did so because she knew if she could turn him against his own family, she could then take advantage of him and his royal title.

Instead of standing on the sidelines while his brother takes center stage, he’s now standing on the sidelines while his wife soaks up the attention.

The only difference is that previously he was being overshadowed by a future King of Great Britain.

Now he’s being overshadowed by a Z-list actress and former “briefcase babe.”

So who’s to blame for the royal feud we’re seeing unfold before our eyes?

Simple. It’s Meghan Markle. With Prince Harry as her willing accomplice.

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27 thoughts on “The Prince Harry and Prince William Feud? I Blame Meghan Markle”

  1. If you have a family member that is loved and involved like Harry was, it is very, very disconcerting when they marry and all of a sudden they radically change and you never see them again. You will despise the person they married. In this case that person is Meghan.

    I have a good friend that this happened to. She was very outgoing with lots of friends and she was very close with her sisters and mother. When my friend got married, her husband basically kidnapped her. Nobody saw her anymore, including her family. Finally, my friend’s mother had a major confrontation with her son-in-law. The situation greatly improved.

    That’s what the Royal Family should do. Charles and William need to get on a plane and fly to California and confront Meghan. Believe me, it would shake things up. The worst thing they could do it ignore it. Somebody has to get in Meghan’s face.

  2. Perfectly said. I am shocked that so many people don’t recognize Meghan for who she is- a woman that has always used men to get to the top. Royal life wasn’t good enough for her greedy eyes, she wanted to be the famous A list celebrity and spend billions. Harry is a fool. I’m surprised hand bag Harry hasn’t woken up yet cause he will be dumped as soon as she needs to get where she wants to be or finds a richer man.

  3. Yes you have that right, if Harry felt irrelevant before than nothing has changed. He has changed one life for another that is very similar. He had everything that most of us only dream of and could have made such a difference in the world. Meghan got into his head and used his vulnerability against him to further her own agenda and that is smash and grab attention seeking money hungry lifestyle, by alienating Harry from everybody close to him. When he no longer is useful to her plan, she will trade him in and He will be left with nothing not even his reputation.

  4. Technically, Harry has not been the spare for the last 7.5 years; from the moment Prince George was born. Harry’s position dropped like a rock from spare to just another guy in the line of succession….getting further and further away from the crown with each successive Cambridge child born.

  5. I wouldn’t doubt at all that MM twisted Harry’s view of his upbringing so he only saw the negative. If she was a supportive spouse she would have helped him see it from the correct view—he wasn’t slighted or diminished by being a second son at all. The more realistic view is that he was raised as a freaking Prince, with every advantage and opportunities not available to anyone else in the world. It wasn’t that he was ignored compared to William—it’s that William has had an extra burden his whole life. The Queen didn’t see William more because she liked Harry less, she was helping him with learning the job, both with his character and his understanding of duty. What 10 year old is truly jealous that his 12 year old brother has to talk about the constitution and everyday duties of a monarch over tea with his grandmother regularly? Yes, he had some very horrible times in his life, living through the divorce and the death of his mother very publicly and at a young age, but Meghan’s leading by the nose and convinced him his family shunted him aside and never really cared for him. Now, she’s got him completely to herself.

  6. As the writer states, I think the world was more or less Harry’s oyster. William’s future was mapped; Harry had more freedom (and I think I read that, when a child, he said so as much). He was the roguish, fun, Royal brother, the one you would want to have a beer with. William, being responsible and dutiful, was a bit dull, wife and kids at a comparatively young age. Harry could get away with anything – dress up as a Nazi, naughty parties in Vegas. He could have done what he wanted with his life – I can only imagine that he realised that age wanted to do was to marry a person like Meghan and be completely dominated by her. No accounting for taste.

  7. MM took advantage of, and still takes advantage of, a man who is mentally and emotionally challenged. Continuous lifetime professional psychological counseling is necessary for Harry, and he should be assisted in his decision-making by professional counseling – not by a narcissistic person who herself needs professional counseling.
    MM has limited her family to her mother and now has limited H’s family to herself. Very controlling and isolating of MM. Very dangerous for mentally challenged Harry.

    • Hilarious.. whatta a joke, me gain gets what she wants when she wants. Royal family is going to get dragged through it. They should have paid sparkle markle to go away and leave Harry alone to hump bar waitresses

      Toooo funny

      Harry you es gonna need more than luck

  8. Meghan markle is a loser and abuser of people and privilege which has been given her through a man. To look at her and Harry’s relationship you would assume she was the royal and he the commoner. Harry’s a very weak mentally challenged man. Neither behave like middle aged people. They believe they are still teenage to early twenty year olds which i believe is why they try to attract that genre. In the uk they are a joke. Embarrasing. Meghan may be behind the brothers split i agree but harry is a grown up and is capable of standing up to her. But as i said hes a weak man. She rules him. But is a coward when having to face anybody else who disagrees with her. Both pathetic shallow individuals.

  9. Very good editorial. I’m thinking if the devil has a name, it sure is Meghan Markle. This woman is a curse on two chicken legs. How can you be so full of hatred an resentment?

  10. They may call Harry the spare but in reality he’s not and never was, even more so since William started to have children. The heir is Charles and William is the spare. When Charles becomes King, William will be the Heir and George the spare. Harry is just a moving number in the line of succession and will rapidly drop down the pecking order as George, Charlotte and Louis have children.

    • @Cal The nobility – those with hereditary titles – have always sought ‘heir and spare’; that is the expression. So it is correct to refer to Harry as the spare, pushed further down the line by the heir’s offspring, as you note.

  11. When Meghan first came on the scene, I feel sorry for her with all the drama around her family. I thought she has such an awful family to be airing the dirty laundry in public but as times progresses, her family has been proved right about her character. When she was engaged to Harry, there were a lot of stories about her changing Harry for the better with encouraging him to lead a healthier lifestyle. Later I found a photo of Meghan smoking with Jessica poolside. So obviously earlier stories about her changing Harry for the better were just PR puff pieces that were either put out by her American PR team or Harry’s PR team. Pictures speak louder than words and I have to say pre Meghan, Harry was jovial and really enjoyed Kate’s and William’s company. They are not actors and you can clearly see the genuine warmth between them. Post 2018, that all changed and Harry is smiling less and is not comfortable around William. The factor that changed was that Meghan came on the scene. I think being the spare, Harry probably has some jealousy towards William but never was forefront until Meghan came on the scene. So I have to agree with you Aubrey on this one as well.

  12. Really good article. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Yes, MM changed Harry and not for the better. It has always been about Meghan and her agenda. It still amazes me that the RF allowed her to even get a toehold into their lives. I’m pretty sure MI5 would have provided them with a substantial dossier regarding Meghan’s past and yet they still allowed the marriage to proceed. (I suppose they couldn’t really stop him from marrying her but why the big fancy wedding? We now know that they had been planning to ditch their royal duties all along.)They have been indulging Harry all his life and now they’re paying the price! Anyway, keep up the good work, Aubrey. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    • The only “nail” this writer hit on the head was the one on HER head. You people are obsessed with Meghan. Your country’s reputation for inclusiveness has been badly damaged, mostly by this writers like this, the British press, and people like you.

      • If you’re into the world’s current shallow wokeness you would probably be a Markle supporter. But if you disengage from the verbal diarrhoea from this pair and stick to facts and some science around narcissism it’s obvious that Markle has manufactured her future my manipulating a vulnerable person. If a white male isolated his wife in the same manner as she has isolated Harry the cries of domestic violence would be deafening. As we all know wokeness is one-sided.

      • @Katharyn The inclusiveness of the British people is fine, thanks. There are people who try to damage its reputation, for reasons best known to themselves.

        • Perhaps we should declare that we British are very inclusive people, but we do not really want to include idiots. We’d be very glad if they could please leave, thank you.

          • Not sure we can do much about idiots, but I am all for keeping out people who don’t want to be in Britain, in the first place!

      • Just because you don’t like what this writer wrote doesn’t make it any less true or relevant. There is nothing racist in this article. It clearly explains why the writer thinks Harry already had felt inferior to William, prior to meeting Meghan. But for years, these feelings/issues remained unexpressed. Perhaps he was even ashamed of feeling that way.

        [Perhaps they would have faded away in time, given how things were working out so well for Harry with Invictus and his other projects which validated him and gave him sense of purpose. Left alone, he might have developed a healthy self esteem and ceased envying William. — this is me, not Aubrey Hansen].

        But Meghan, explains this writer, came into the situation and foresaw a long life where she and Harry would always be in the shadow of William and Kate. She didn’t like that.

        Harry’s hidden insecurity/ resentment/ jealousy was a useful tool for Meghan. Instead of helping him overcome his issues, she reinforced them and validated them, fanning the flames. And that is why Aubrey Hansen says she blames Meghan for the brothers’ rift.

        We all know of in-laws who have sown dissent in close-knit families, so this story is a familiar one.

        Now you may not agree with Aubrey’s reading of the situation, and that’s perfectly fine. But that has nothing to do with our country’s inclusivity. Nowhere in the article is race mentioned. And this scenario of in-laws damaging family relationships happens in families of all races. Don’t try to tell me black and biracial families don’t experience this sort of thing, just as whites and Asians do.

        So no, race is not the issue, but BEHAVIOR.

        By trying to insert race into a non-racial issue, you are trying to foment divisiveness. It is YOU who are the racist, because you are trying to turn a non-racial issue into a RACIAL one. And you are defaming an entire people while you’re at it.

        Sorry, not working.

        • Where people claim that those calling out Meghan’s behaviour are racist because she is black (ahem), does that not also suggest that her behaviour is characteristic of black people? I personally think anyone of any colour can behave the way she does, but that claim does imply that black people behave the way does, and therefore to criticise her is racist.


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