Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Demand Privacy – Unless You Paid $7,000!

  • The Sussexes have long complained of a lack of privacy and respect.
  • As paparazzi fly drones over their homes and invade their privacy, it seems the cost of being allowed to walk into their mansion was a mere $7,000.
  • Is the Markle Mansion still available for expensive photoshoots and videos?

I remember when Prince Harry, with a distant look in his eyes, commented on how the flash of a camera still triggers haunting memories for him.

Speaking to ITV, a UK news channel, the Prince commented:

Every single time I hear a click, every single time I see a flash, it takes me straight back.

Of course, he is talking about the death of his mother, Princess Diana, as she was pursued by paparazzi on that horrendous night in Paris twenty-three years ago.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seeking privacy was understandable

When Prince Harry made those comments, it was hard not to feel sympathy for him.

That’s what people don’t seem to realize. It isn’t the Sussexes quest for privacy that their critics object to. It’s the fact that they want privacy only when it suits them.

For example, if the media embark on an explosion of positive coverage relating to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s comments on the negative aspect social media has on our society today, I doubt we’d see much by way of complaint from the couple.

However, suppose certain media outlets shine a light on the fact that Meghan Markle reportedly spent over $1 million of public funds on clothing in one year. Both of them will be on their phone to the lawyers to see if they can sue anyone and everyone involved.

The flash of the camera bulbs only seem to trigger Harry when they aren’t instrumental in him and Meghan being paid

Going back to Prince Harry’s issue with flashing cameras. It’s ironic that he apparently had zero issues with those same cameras flashing and clicking relentlessly in his own home.

There was, you see, a listing on Giggster that allowed for the rental of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Montecito home for $700 per hour.

Meghan & Harry’s mansion was splashed across the internet. | Source: Twitter


That’s right. Looking to make a music video or carry out a photoshoot and have $7,000 to burn? The Sussexes will perhaps set aside their burning desire for privacy and allow a crew of up to 15 strangers to come into their home and film and shoot for ten hours.

Now granted, this listing has been online since before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the mansion their new home, but you have to believe that a couple so focused on privacy would have been immediately on top of this issue.

If the British press knew of this listing, wouldn’t the Sussexes highly-paid team of PR people and personal assistants?

Privacy is only an issue for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they cannot control the narrative

The listing was still live until very recently on Giggster, and only removed after some negative media coverage. It also featured plenty of candid shots of the interior of the mansion.

Didn’t Prince Harry move halfway across the world to avoid the media spotlight? The last thing I’d want is photographs of the inside of my home online for anyone to look at.

Unless, of course, the Sussexes like the idea of a helping hand to pay the considerable mortgage on the property? Maybe the Zoom calls aren’t quite bringing in the dollars needed at the moment?

For future reference, when fans of Meghan and Prince Harry claim not to understand why the couple has their critics? It’s because they contradict themselves at every turn.

They’re not interested in privacy. They’re interested in financial gain and celebrity status.

And will offer their privacy for sale if it means bringing in dollars.

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5 thoughts on “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Demand Privacy – Unless You Paid $7,000!”

  1. Did Meghan hire the paparazzi helicopters? Will the neighbors able to sue both helicopters and MM for their invasion of privacy and causing noise pollution?

  2. Maybe that’s why they keep doing zoom lectures (slash chances to talk about themselves and name drop their private citizen son Archie) from different parts of their absurd home—it’s just a sneaky way of getting photos of the home available for prospective renters to check out. On another note, kind of off topic, but I just saw a report that they were the ones that reached out to the high school students who run the podcast they recently were “guests” on. There’s that big Hollywood PR machine at work! They are so addicted to attention it’s really sad and getting sadder by the day.

  3. Can we really believe anything that comes out of their mouth? They claims they are passionate about environment and will not get more than 2 children ( a dig at Will and Kate) to reduce carbon footprint and yet lavishly uses private jets everywhere they go. They said to reject online hate and negativity and then personally phone and thanked Sussex Squat who are quite vicious online trolls. They said they wanted privacy but then moved to live in LA a paparazzi capitol of the world. He said to knowledge the past wrong of the Commonwealth (what he means was British Empire but he did not know the difference) but he himself do not knowledge his racist past behaviours. She said to be complacent was to be complicit and claims that she is passionate about causes of feminism and then she was completely quiet on sexual exploitations of underage girls in Cuties Film in Netflix. She said she is a humanitarian and yet she cannot show sympathy or forgave his very ill dad after having 2 episodes of heart attacks. This is the father who raised her to become who she is today and paid for her university fees while she lied that she paid her way through college. The list continues.

    • The Bible says we are to be fruitful and multiply in the book of Genesis. Because God will provide for all our needs. This is why the environmental wacko ideas of having no children or one or two are so abhorrent. They conflict with God’s Holy Word. Now, who do you think offers more wisdom? Environmentalists or God?

  4. It has been suggested that the property is owned by someone else and that M & H are the ones paying $700/hr on occasion to appear as if they are living there. Makes sense since so many things about them are fake.


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