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Prince Andrew Has Nowhere Left to Run – He Has to Start Talking

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
  • Prince Andrew’s “lay low and say nothing” approach to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has not worked thus far.
  • With more names due to be released along with more flight details, things are coming to a head.
  • Throw in the wildcard of chef Adam Perry Lang, and Andrew is running out of places to hide.

It seems that Prince Andrew has used the approach of “lay low and say nothing” when it comes to his acrimonious links to Jeffrey Epstein.

It’s fair to say such tactics haven’t worked out all too well for the son of Queen Elizabeth.

He’s lost all of his royal commitments and responsibilities and has become nothing short of a pariah in royal and celebrity social circles.

He was persona non grata at his own daughter’s wedding, and it appears as if he’ll have zero role to play in the landmark birthday celebrations of his father, who turns 100 years old next June.

It looked as though things couldn’t get any worse for Prince Andrew.

Until they did.

A New Comprehensive List of Celebs Who Flew With Epstein Is Set to Be Revealed

While Prince Andrew has been the focal point of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal in the UK, there has been news recently that should cause many former Epstein associates to panic.

The names of every single passenger who ever flew on an aircraft owned by Jeffrey Epstein is set to become public knowledge.

The Attorney General for the US Virgin Islands has reportedly subpoenaed every flight log from 1998 until 2019.

One of Epstein’s pilots, David Rodgers, already provided logs for several flights, which implicated Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and other Hollywood celebrities.

However, Epstein’s chief pilot, Larry Visoski, could be set to hand over a far more comprehensive set of logs that will potentially drop some more famous Epstein cohorts into the mix.

According to a source,  there’s going to be some rich and famous types who are getting nervous:

The records that have been subpoenaed will make the ones Rodgers provided look like a Post-It note.

Associates of Jeffrey Epstein are getting nervous, and rightfully so. | Source: Twitter 

How Will This Play Out for Prince Andrew?

News like this could play out in one of two ways for the disgraced British royal.

His “lay low and say nothing” tactics could be helped if there are prominent names on the list that could overshadow his own. No doubt, Prince Andrew wouldn’t mind sharing the spotlight.

However, what if the logs reveal that Prince Andrew flew with Jeffrey Epstein even more times than is currently known?

As if this situation isn’t bad enough, there’s another wildcard named chef Adam Perry Lang. 

Adam Perry Lang could be a problem for Prince Andrew. | Source: Twitter 

The Celebrity Chef Will Force Andrew to Make a Choice

As mentioned, Prince Andrew has very much stuck his head in the sand on the Epstein matter.

The FBI wants to speak with him. He claims he’s happy to help. Yet, the US authorities say they haven’t had any luck contacting him.

How long will the shamed royal hide behind the Palace?

If he truly has nothing to hide, then he should take a leaf out of the book of Adam Perry Lang, a celebrity chef who worked for both Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew.

It has been reported that Lang is “fully cooperating” with the FBI, as any right-minded individual with nothing to hide would.

The problem for Prince Andrew is that Perry Lang didn’t just work for Epstein for several years. He also worked for Prince Andrew and even accompanied him on some of the Epstein flights.

The Door Isn’t Closed on Prince Andrew Yet

While his royal reputation may never be repaired, there is still a chance for Prince Andrew to step forward and do the right thing.

Prince Andrew has been branded despite never being found guilty of anything. | Source: Twitter 

Attorney Arick Fudali, representing the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, commented on Lang’s cooperation by saying:

We certainly hope that this may inspire other witnesses to come forward and help shed some light on Epstein’s dark scheme.

You would be forgiven for thinking that is a direct plea to Andrew to follow Lang’s lead. 

The window of opportunity is closing. Andrew can step forward, assist in the investigation, and repair some of the damage done to his reputation.

Or he can remain silent, which only makes him look worse as more details come to light.

Unless Prince Andrew isn’t telling the truth, in which case he’s done for anyway.

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