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YouHodler: “Turbocharged” Loan Feature Gets New Upgrade

Last Updated March 30, 2023 7:02 AM
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Last Updated March 30, 2023 7:02 AM

FinTech platform YouHodler is now officially releasing it’s upgraded “Turbo Loan” feature. The first of it’s kind,  Turbo Loans is an automated process that helps clients get a “chain of loans” with just one click. When used strategically, this can help multiply one’s crypto assets during a bull run. The new update makes the feature more efficient and user-friendly for all levels of crypto expertise.

YouHodler introduces a new way to go about crypto lending

Inspired by innovative platform users, YouHodler decided to automate a popular process that involved clients taking multiple loans to leverage initial crypto holdings. Before the release of “Turbo Loans,” users manually used crypto as collateral for a loan. Then, they would move that loan to an external exchange where they bought more crypto to send back to YouHodler to use as collateral for more loans. This was a complicated and lengthy process but still resulted in increased profits during a bull run. Yet, YouHodler saw this as an opportunity to create a feature that automates this entire process. It’s the first of it’s kind amongst similar FinTech platforms.

Here’s how to “Turbocharge” your crypto assets.

With the newly introduced “Turbocharge” button, YouHodler now has a unique option aside from traditional crypto lending. With one click, a user can automatically get 3-5 loans (depending on their choice) and multiply their original crypto holdings with minimal effort. Here is an example of what a “turbocharged” loan looks like starting off with 1 BTC  as collateral over the coarse of five loans.

Note: YouHodler’s fee decreases by .5% with each lean in the chain.

Loan #1

5% fee

Original crypto amount: 1 BTC


Loan #2

4.5% fee

Crypto gained from loan: 0.700000

Loan #3

4% fee

Crypto gained from loan: 0.489999 BTC

Loan #4

3.5% fee

Crypto gained from loan: 0.342998

Loan #5

3% fee

Crypto gained from loan: 0.240097

At the end of the chain, the user is left with 2.77 BTC, more than doubling their original amount of 1 BTC.

Turbo Loans offer a new way to maximize earnings during a bull run 

After clicking the “turbocharge” button, YouHodler automatically buys more crypto using the borrowed funds and uses that as collateral for a new loan in the chain. All operations are executed on real crypto exchanges. Therefore, the price rate and transaction time may differ from situation to situation.

When used strategically in a bull run scenario, the user is left with more valuable crypto at a discounted rate. For example, starting with just 1 BTC and a bull run where the market grows 30%, one could turbocharge this amount to more than 4 BTC. With 30% market price growth  being a very realistic figure, a user can see their final profits go up to 44% after repaying their loan and getting their newly acquired crypto back.

For those that simply want a traditional loan, YouHodler still has that as well. Yet, “turbocharging” a loan is now easier than ever so visit YouHodler.com  today and get started on your “chain of loans” today.

The support team is also available 24/7 via Telegram (@YouHodler) or email ([email protected]) for any questions.

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