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GXChain Research Founded, Releasing its First Trusted Computing Report

Last Updated April 27, 2023 2:52 AM
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Last Updated April 27, 2023 2:52 AM

There are currently 10 faculty members at the Institute, and they hold masters and doctoral degrees from prestigious foreign and domestic universities, including Boston University, Stony Brook University, and Washington State University. These scholars have conducted a range of in-depth research and possess a wealth of experience in the fields of big data, cryptography, distributed systems and network communication. Focusing on public blockchains and the data economy, GXChain Research will further promote the introduction of technology and continue to improve the structure of the blockchain ecology.

Discussing the aims of the GXChain Research, its chief analyst Dr Guo Shuang stated: “In the near future, GXChain Research will devote more time and energy to the exploration of blockchain technology itself: on the one hand, to popularize more expertise in the field of blockchain for the public; on the other hand, to provide more accurate analysis and interpretation for industry insiders. The goal of the team is to pursue the breadth of content coverage, while hoping to make contribution in depth.”

The rapid rise of big data and cloud computing technologies has prompted the widespread use of centralized data management, which has subsequently laid a solid foundation for efficient data circulation and resulted in huge social and economic benefits. It is worth noting, however that concerns around data traffic, privacy concerns and other issues have become increasingly frequent in the wake of big data’s growing ubiquity.

Seeking to address these concerns, trusted computing relies on various cryptographic encryption technologies as it looks to achieve a balance between the protection of data privacy and the economic benefits brought by the commercial use of big data.

On April 10, GXChain released its White Paper on Trusted Computing Protocol, which outlined new ideas and solutions for the development of the data economy. Based on its comprehensive analysis of the technical performance of trusted computing, GXChain Research published the sector’s first trusted computing report, titled, Trusted Computing: Research Progress and Technical Analysis.

According to analysis, the report focuses on tracing and analyzing the leading research and public experimental reports in the industry over the past five years, and by comparing the various representative projects in the trusted computing industry, it both summarizes the current situation and anticipates future prospects for development.

The report shows that there are two schools of data privacy protection: trusted hardware and cryptography. Trusted hardware mainly refers to TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), while cryptography uses homomorphic encryption, public key encryption and zero knowledge proof. The report concludes that TEE offers more in terms of application design complexity, technological maturity and ecology, and, as a result, will likely be the most competitive and practical solution for the sector over the next three years.

In recent years, the development of trusted computing has been largely driven by research conducted in the field of homomorphic encryption by the technology giants Microsoft, IBM and Amazon, as they look to gain a critical advantage in cloud computing. Projections show that trusted computing has a very broad range of possible application, however time is still required to achieve the landing of commercial applications.

The blockchain industry currently faces numerous problems, including incomplete infrastructure and an unclear development direction. Based on the investigation and analysis of the current industry situation, GXChain International Blockchain Research Institute will assist GXChain in aspects of theoretical support and industry research to effectively promote the technological development and commercial landing process of GXChain. The Institute will also facilitate the conducting of in-depth studies into basic technology and the ecology of the blockchain to provide insights into the evolution trends of blockchain technology from a global perspective. By doing so, it aims to continuously improve the ecological structure of the blockchain. Based on the public chain and data economy, GXChain Research will energize the traditional Internet industry and the real economy through its contributions to technological progress and economic development.

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