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President Donald Trump’s 5 Most Savage Tweets of 2019

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:25 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:25 PM
  • He may have been impeached, but President Donald Trump hasn’t slowed down one bit in 2019 when it comes to dropping sick birds on Twitter.
  • The Commander-in-Tweet was on fire in 2019.
  • Here are five tweets that stand out on @realDonaldTrump’s timeline.

It should be no surprise that America is being ruled by the most social media savvy politician to ever come along since Facebook and Twitter came to dominate our way of life. Donald Trump stood out early from the other candidates in 2016 for fundamentally grasping the nature of the new medium.

Twitter lends itself perfectly to wit, irreverence, and goofiness. We’ve had plenty more of that from Donald Trump in 2019. Here are his five most savage tweets of the year:

1. Trump Rocky Photoshop Tweet

trump rocky tweet
Source: Twitter 

Most politicians, and especially heads of state, and double especially the President of the United States, take themselves very seriously.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, tweeted a photoshopped picture of Rocky Balboa from “Rocky III” with the Donald’s head on Rocky’s chiseled body.

The level of savagery is off the charts here. He tweeted this just days before official impeachment inquiry hearings were scheduled in the US House of Representatives.

Does this guy take anything seriously?

Someone quipped back :

The president thinks he’s Rocky, but unlike Donald Trump, Rocky was willing to fight the Russians.

2. LiddleGate

In one of Trump’s most bizarre tweets ever, he lashed out at the media for claiming he doesn’t know how to spell the word “little.” CNN called him out for name calling Rep. Adam Schiff “Liddle Adam Schiff.”

There are at least three savage things about Trump’s response…

trump liddle tweet
Source: Twitter 

To begin with, it takes a true savage to use the term “LameStream Media,” which was coined by Alaska Governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin . Secondly, Trump was intentionally misspelling it “liddle” to be cute, something he’s done before .

But when he pointed out the misspelling was intentional, as indicated by the apostrophe at the end, the POTUS called the apostrophe a hyphen. Either he actually thinks an apostrophe is called a hyphen, yet made it to the Oval Office, or he was trolling.

Both possibilities are quite savage.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t look up a usage of “liddle” attested by the Urban Dictionary in 2014. If he’s been using it that way, the president is savage beyond words.

3. Trump Savages Fox News

donald trump savages fox news tweet
Source: Twitter 

Rule number one of partisan politics in the United States. You do not attack your own allies in the media. Just Google, “george w bush criticizes fox news.” You know what you’ll find? Nothing. Because George W. Bush was a (relatively) normal, prudent politician. Google “donald trump criticizes fox news” and you’ll find more like the tweet above.

This guy doesn’t care. Fox News sings his praises day and night like the center-right media powerhouse that caters to Republicans that it is? Still not enough. It should praise him even more, and never criticize him even once. And they weren’t even criticizing him, just reporting poll results. Should have swept them under the rug.

4. Trump Calls Joe Biden ‘Low IQ Individual’

donald trump joe biden low iq individual tweet
Source: Twitter 

In May, Trump deadpanned that he was actually sticking up for Joe Biden on foreign soil when he called him a “low IQ individual.” He pointed out that Kim Jong Un called the former vice president a “low IQ idiot.” So Trump’s version was “much softer.”

These kind of silly antics are what endear many to Donald Trump while enraging his political opponents. Someone tweeted back that Trump’s tweet was an example of “gaslighting.”  They seem to be among the critics who never fail to take Trump’s jokes seriously, unlike the hero mentioned earlier who made the Rocky / Russian quip.

5. Give Up, Trump Haters

And there you have it. Donald Trump is the most savage president on Twitter. Could you imagine Obama tweeting, “Give up, Obama haters?” Would be awesome though.