Pre-ICO of Business Tokenization Platform Tokengo Is Going Well – the Amount of $1 000 000 Is Almost Passed

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It is well known, that the future of financial, operating and investment activities is concerned with deep integration of blockchain technology. Compound research, made by leading consulting, law, investment and IT enterprises, find a solution to the most business problems in the technology of distributed blockchain database.

Due to the vigorous growth of blockchain such technologies as Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Workflow based on distributed database, and ICO as an analogue of IPO have become a strong, effective solutions and as a result, there are lots of advanced, qualitative services provided by experts in distributed data structure and cryptography. However, all those services have one similar flaw – lack of a strategic platform, a unified environment providing a full range of required services and expected features.

TokenGo – compound solution among a bunch of half-way services

Strategic platform capable to assure aforementioned requirements is able to exist only as a modular self-sufficient system based on relative components and provided by diligence and unity of the community. This particular idea was born and excited minds of TokenGo platform founders. The result of the studying of expectation by potential clients helped to create a complex template of services broadcasting all suggestions and expectations received from all type of business representatives – starting from creating a web-page ending with Smart Contracts maintenance.

TokenGo is a platform for a beginners and experts of blockchain alike

Inspired by indisputable advantages of blockchain technology and growing popularity of distributed database solutions, founders of TokenGo platform had set themselves a mission – to create unique business tokenization platform and figured the following goals. For clients who have rather small experience in recent digital business facilities there would be available common, simplistic tools to ensure soft, quick start for their business. However, for clients with extensive experience it would be option for manual, precise performance along with comfortable auto-tuned sets.

Functionality of TokenGo platform for ICO Projects

For entrepreneurs there would be available common tools to create and manage their Coin Offerings: private individual tokens, landing pages, features to proceed bounty and marketing campaigns connected to campaigns key figures and statistics, security solutions. Similarly, complex smart contract building kit will provide transparent, efficient, quick access to all advantages of digital, blockchain-based establishment.

TokenGo platform as a business solution

For all monetary-related businesses TokenGo platform holds out service of instant global transactions and payments. It is blockchain-based, fail-safe, distributed transaction module designed to avoid risk of fraud or deal cancellation. Similar architecture was reproduced in workflow module based on distributed database. Technology guarantees absolutely secure, authentic, valid information for purpose of accountancy, workflow, listing and authentication.

Сoncept of TokenGo ecosystem

The model of circularity of economic and social processes formed the basis for creating the ecosystem of the TokenGo platform, designed in view of all modern requirements for driving success and ensuring revenue by its participants. As a result, platform is made of technical solutions supported with advanced tools, such as:

TokenGo Web Platform including Personal Cabinets and systematized information about services and projects, information about purchased and available tokens, relevant statistics and transaction data, ongoing pre-sale and bounty campaigns, current news and special offers.

TokenGo ICO landing Page Builder proposing features for agile development and accurate editing of project web-pages to help clients for easier platform and community integration.

TokenGo Smart Contract Builder simplifies smart contract creation procedure keeping the security and reliability level at scale of highest standards.

TokenGo Cryptocurrency Exchange allowing to integrate an unlimited number of currency pairs and based on advanced, reliable trading architecture.

TokenGo Voting Harvester produces the concept of economic incentives as the main tool for attracting participants and, giving them fair revenue, proportional to their contribution.

GoPower and GoCoin tokens of platform and their difference

GoPower (GPT) –  token emitted on the Ethereum blockchain. GPT is the fundamental highly liquid unit of the platform and is used for the TokenGo ICO. GoCoin (GOC) unlike GPT is an internal payment instrument on the TokenGo platform, a cryptocoin generated daily as a result of minting (analogue of mining) based on the proprietary, modified DPoP consensus algorithm.

GoCoin is distributed among the platform participants by a special algorithm and provides financial reward for daily activity on the TokenGo blockchain considered to be limited and growing due to planned rising cost. The total amount of tokens produced is limited to 700 million GPT whereof 600 million are on public sale since the beginning of Pre-ICO campaign.

At the moment (since DEC 11 2017 till FEB 10 2018) TokenGo platform conducts Pre-ICO campaign with profitable bonus program for investors. Therefore, privileged participants have an opportunity to buy GPT at a benefit price — 1 GPT = 0.00057143 ETH, moreover it will take a place a 50% bonus. Meanwhile total amount of current Pre-ICO passed 86% of Soft Cap equal to $1 000 000. Consequently, after approaching 100% of Soft Cap platform may switch to the next stage of development, it means, that Pre-Sales bonuses due to whitepaper have to be decreased. There is also a referral program and special bonuses for huge volume of tokens purchased and some support activities.

In short, strategic and compound approach to the process of creating a platform makes final product completed and competitive. However, flexible conditions of Pre-Sale and warm welcome given by community of crypto-investors makes no chance to failure. For more information, and participation in the Pre-Sale and ICO today kindly visit TokenGo platform, where you can get acquainted with Whitepaper, Blog, or visit Social Networks.

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