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Post-MainNet Launch: You Can Already Start Managing Your EOs Assets on Infinito Wallet!

Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:10 PM
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Last Updated May 15, 2023 12:10 PM
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With EOS MainNet being successfully launched recently, Infinito Wallet  announced that they have activated EOS full nodes as of 15th of June, and thus claims to be the first universal wallet which supports EOS mainnet.

Now you can check your account balance, send, and receive EOS coins with this wallet, given that you have registered your EOS ERC20 tokens before the mainnet launch date!

Another great news is that, by 4th of July, Infinito Wallet will release a new version update to support EOS Account Name Registration! The universal wallet is available to download on Apple’s App Store  and Google Play .

Following EOS’s rule, this registration process will require users to pay some fee in EOS coins. But if users have yet to own an account name, how would they be able to pay the fee in EOS coins? To remove this headache, Infinito Wallet team has intention to help EOS holders to do that for free. Through Infinito Wallet, EOS holders might not have to pay anything to register their EOS MainNet account name! Final details will be officially announced on their blog , as some on-going technical matters with EOS mainnet are being researched and finalized.

The EOS blockchain along with its community are going through considerable transformations as of late and, as expected, not everyone is prepared for such radical changes. EOS is so different from other blockchains like ETH and NEO. It seems too difficult to understand the whole process works, and what users need to do.


Being at the forefront to support EOS community, Infinito Wallet has been providing the community with timely features and guidelines, including EOS ERC20 Token Registration  and official EOS MainNet support . The team behind Infinito Wallet is committed to fully support EOS mainnet features and airdrops. They want to offer EOS users a leading universal wallet with widest range of coins (BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, DOGE, ETC, etc) and all ETH – NEO tokens.

The company  behind Infinito Wallet  is Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe, a leading research and development company that works on blockchain and focuses on fully compliant services, products, and collaborations. Infinito Wallet is registered in the Isle of Man in the UK, and now has more than 70 committed team members, including designers, developers, researchers, customer service officers, and marketing and business executives.