Trump Fails to Rein in Nuclear Nations: North Korea Summit Breaks Down While India-Pakistan War Looms

Nuclear, airstrikes, India, Pakistan, Trump

America’s presence as a global superpower is on thin ice under President Donald Trump. The president is struggling to reign in three of the biggest nuclear military nations, North Korea, India, and Pakistan. In the past, the US has played a crucial diplomatic role in easing nuclear tensions around the world. Not any more. Yesterday, … Read more

Will Cohen’s Explosive Testimony Finally Impeach “Conman” President Trump?

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s former attorney and “fixer” will give an explosive testimony before Congress today, calling the president a “racist,” a “conman” and a “cheat.” The damning testimony, obtained in full by the New York Times, comes as a petition circles in Congress to impeach Donald Trump. Will Cohen’s words add fuel to the fire and … Read more

Trump to Be Accused of Racism, Lies and Criminal Acts by Former Lawyer Michael Cohen

Donald Trump, Michael Cohen

Editor’s Note 14:59 EST: The headline has been amended for clarity. Trump’s former personal lawyer is set to give a bombshell testimony in front of Congress. Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney and fixer for 12 years until May 2018, could be about to open a can of worms on Wednesday that even Teflon Don cannot … Read more

US vs Huawei: A Timeline of 5G, Foldable Phones and the World’s Next Great Tech War

Huawei, US, Mate X, 5G

President Trump’s announcement, via Twitter, that the U.S. would not be imposing new tariffs on China on March 1st sent the markets wild in Beijing and New York, but where does this development leave his side-war with Huawei?

On Sunday, Huawei blew the roof off the first day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with the launch of its $2600 folding smartphone. This announcement coming the same day that President Trump tweeted what amounted to a truce in the ongoing trade war with China. The world’s media went crazy over the new 5G Huawei Mate X, and the markets did the same after Trump’s tweet. Both events caused a global stir for very different reasons, but the connection between one of tech’s biggest and fastest growing players and the 45th president of the United States runs deeper than it might seem at first glance from the outside.

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Trump Must Act as India Launches Surgical Airstrikes on Nuclear-Armed Pakistan

Donald Trump, India, Pakistan

Tensions between two nuclear-armed states reached boiling-point overnight as India launched airstrikes into Pakistan territory. The airstrike marks the first attack over the disputed Kashmir Line of Control in 40 years. Pakistan has scrambled fighter jets in response. The military action comes a week after Pakistan militants killed 42 Indians in a suicide attack. As … Read more

2020 Trump Win Will Be ‘Bigger’ Than 2016, Says Former Chief Strategist Bannon

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s former chief strategist and part-time racist provocateur Steve Bannon has said Trump will fight in the 2020 election and win “bigger than in 2016.” In an interview with CBS News, Bannon says Trump will face tough competition from moderate Republicans, but his victory will be bigger than ever. Bannon, who is also the … Read more