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Pokemon Go Is Putting Gamers at Risk by Rolling Back Changes Too Soon

Published September 30, 2020 9:57 PM
William Worrall
Published September 30, 2020 9:57 PM
  • Niantic made some changed to Pokemon Go that made the game playable during the lockdown.
  • Niantic is rolling back some of these changes already.
  • Not only is this rollback ill-timed, but it’s irresponsible.

Niantic did an excellent job of making Pokemon Go playable during the lockdown.

They have made numerous changes to convert an all outdoor game into a home-based affair. These changes caused the game to thrive during the pandemic.

Despite the pandemic starting to hit its second wave, Niantic is already rolling back their changes .

Pokemon Go - Fan Reaction
Fans that find themselves in a locked-down city or country are getting worried about the effect upcoming changes will have on their ability to play the game. | Source: Twitter 

It is Far Too Early To Be Rolling Back These Changes

Pokemon Go requires that the player walk outside to hatch eggs and catch Pokemon. During the depths of the pandemic’s first wave, Niantic made it much easier to play the game by improving tracking, so players didn’t have to leave their homes. They also made it easier to get resources and hatch eggs without having to stray outside too much.

Now, Niantic is rolling some of these changes back. This is despite many countries around the world experiencing a second wave of the pandemic , in some cases worse than the first spike. Soon you’ll have to go out and walk for much longer to hatch your eggs, and your Pokemon will no longer gather supplies automatically from Pokestops unless you’re low on supplies already.

You can hear more about how these changes damage the community’s trust in Niantic in the video below.

Pokemon Go Should Have Kept This Change Indefinitely

No one wants to admit it, but this pandemic isn’t going anywhere. Most reports put the earliest possible vaccine against the virus down for a release in mid-2021 . If major countries continue to fail to contain the pandemic, then we’re all going to be trapped indoors for a long time yet.

Niantic should not be encouraging people to go outside. Pokemon Go will be putting gamers and those around them at risk. When the changes hit, you’ll have to stay outside for an extended period to hatch pokemon. Incense will also only be active while you’re walking around.

These changes to Pokemon Go aren’t just early; they’re irresponsible. Niantic is encouraging people to spend extended time outside, even though it could be hazardous to their health.

Considering the safer version of the game has been doing well, this move just comes off as greedy.

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