Podcast 7: Shane Park from Coinplay.io & 22Hertz’ Block Chain Imprinted Song “Get The Hell Out”

P. H. Madore @bitillionaire
4 years ago

In this episode, I discuss the issue of KnC Miner, the duality of them both facing serious lawsuits from former clients and now breaking mining records.

Ben Lawsky is soon to leave the NYDFS, but not before leaving a sea of regulation his new consulting firm will help companies navigate.

An interview with Shane Park, the CEO of the cryptocurrency answer to Humble Bundle, Coinplay.io.

And certainly not the least of the features in this podcast is “Get the Hell Out” by the band 22 Hertz, who have imprinted the song onto the block chain. Be sure to look for my recent interview with them, as well.

Also read: Interview with 22Hertz, the Band Who Put a Song on the Bitcoin Block Chain


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