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PlayStation: Dualshock ‘X’ is Actually a ‘Cross’. Gamers: LOL, Just No.

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:00 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:00 PM

In what is either a stroke of marketing genius to get the internet to rant on even more about the PlayStation brand or an act of sheer, misplaced gaming blasphemy, PlayStation has come out and confidently announced  that the ‘X’ button on its iconic DualShock controller  is in fact called ‘cross’ and not ‘X.’

PlayStation Says Dualshock 'X' Is Actually a 'Cross', It Doesn't End Well
Source: PlayStation 4/Sony

The discussion appears to stem from an unassuming Twitter post dating back to Aug. 28, where user dripp133 questioned the Twittersphere as to the correct name for the X button.


The social media team at PlayStation picked up on it and using questionable logic to hammer home the point, published a tweet last week announcing the official title. Pointing to how people generally refer to the circle button by its geometric shape, the post suggested that going by that reasoning, X should be a ‘cross.’

The Internet Responds To PlayStation’s Silliness

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the internet erupted in a general sigh of WTFery at PlayStation’s antics. The usual deluge of memes that inevitably accompanies any silly assertion made the rounds as did some deep-seated consternation from confused gamers.



Others backed PlayStation;

PlayStation played along, conjuring up gems such as these;

One astute observer compared the announcement to the contentious nomenclature for everyone’s favorite moving image format;


However, the winner has got to be this one:


A Poll To End The Debate Once and For All

To finally put the matter to bed, PlayStation set up a pole on Friday. Close to 170,000 people took part. X came out on top with a staggering 81% of voters, while cross trailed with a measly 8%, even trumped by the slightly more palatable but equally absurd ‘+ rotated 45 degrees’ option.

The people have spoken. We can now all agree it is an X and definitely not a cross. End of discussion. Please stick to what you are good at Sony.