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PlayStation 5 Rumor – First Leaked Image of Devkit in the Flesh

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:11 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:11 PM

YouTube channel ZONEofTECH claims to have obtained the first-ever photo of the PlayStation 5 developer kit in the flesh. In a video published yesterday, the YouTuber explains that an anonymous source sent in an image of what is presumed to be the devkit shipped out to developers in anticipation of the console’s release next year.

The quality of the picture leaves quite a bit to desired, and the angle isn’t the most revealing, but the unit on display appears to line up we everything we know so far about the PlayStation 5 devkit. ZONEofTECH also dug into the photo file itself and found a filing date of Oct. 10 of this year, making it a relatively recent photo.

When allied to the news that developers such as EA and Bluepoint Games are already tinkering away with devkits, there’s quite a lot going to give credence to the leak.

Many Similarities to the Leaked PlayStation 5 Devkit Patent

As ZONEofTECH point outs, several features of the leaked unit match up to the PlayStation 5 devkit design patent that leaked back in August . Notably, the number and alignment of the USB ports to the right of the front panel, the five buttons to the left, and the location of the disc drive. Additionally, the arrangement of the vents on both the inside and outside of the large V shape that dominates the design match.

Note the small circular feature just above the USB ports. This appears to be an on-board camera that correlates with the leaked details obtained by Gizmodo , which claim Sony is eager to offer streaming support to make the PlayStation 5 more attractive to high-profile streamers on platforms like Twitch.

The design isn’t exactly a marvel of aesthetics, but Sony has clearly put some thought behind the design, which matches previous generation kits which waver between drab PC-like blocks to fairly stylized and larger versions of the final product.

PlayStation 5 Rumor - First Leaked Image of Devkit in the Flesh
Source: ZONEofTECH

A Word of Caution

As always, we can’t discount this being an expertly photoshopped ploy or the work of a particularly resourceful troll rather than a genuine photo of the PlayStation 5 devkit, and as such, we urge an ample dose of skepticism.

Furthermore, devkits aren’t necessarily a reliable indicator of what we can expect in the final consumer product. We are still a year out from release, and to make assumptions this early is always risky.

It’s worth remembering Sony only officially confirmed the PlayStation 5 title alongside a few sparring snippets about the haptic feedback controller as recently as last week. A lot of the other latest non-vetted details are based on hearsay as we saw with speculation about the PlayStation 5’s exciting backward compatibility potential.