PlayStation 5 Leak Allegedly Exposes PS5 Pre-Order Details

Worldwide pre-orders for Sony’s upcoming next-generation PlayStation 5 console will reportedly go live by March 2020.

playstation 5 pre-order leak date ps5

A PlayStation 5 leak may have just revealed when you can pre-order your PS5. | Source: CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP

  • Fresh speculation hints at a March 2020 launch date for PlayStation 5 pre-orders.
  • DualShock 5 reportedly set for reveal in Q1 2020.
  • Official PlayStation 5 reveal event possibly scheduled for February.

Pre-orders for Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 5 console will go live sooner rather than later, according to fresh speculation.

PS5 Pre-Orders May Launch in March 2020

Known Twitter leaker @PSErebus authored a series of tweets purporting to detail Sony’s PS5 plans. The highlight is that pre-orders will be available from March 2020. According to the tip, US gamers will place PS5 pre-orders using PlayStation’s recently launched online direct-purchase store.

The leak hasn’t been confirmed, so we should handle it with a prerequisite dose of salt.

Playstation 5 Pre-Orders Reportedly Set for March 2020
Source: Twitter

DualShock 5 Unveiling in Early 2020

PSErebus also speculates that Sony plans to unveil the PlayStation 5’s DualShock 5 controller in Q1 2020. Apart from a few cursory details in the big Wired reveal article back in October, which mentioned haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the controller remains very much shrouded in mystery.

That said, the upcoming launch of Sony’s new DualShock 4 paddle back button add-on may provide an inkling of what to expect.

Playstation 5 Pre-Orders Reportedly Set for March 2020
Source: Twitter

That sense of mystery pervades Sony’s drip-feed of PlayStation 5 nuggets to date.

Microsoft stirred the next-gen marketing edifice to life at E3. The company has kept its foot firmly on the accelerator ever since with a steady stream of details. We know exactly what the Xbox Series X looks like – model, logo, and all.

The Sony camp, on the other hand, is keeping their cards close to the chest.

Official PlayStation 5 Announcement Rumors

Rumors circulating since late summer hint at an official PlayStation Meeting reveal event this February, lining up rather fittingly with pre-orders from March and a launch at the tail end of next year. Hardware specifications, features, and a glimpse of real-time gameplay should feature prominently.

Next-generation consoles and titles are sure to dominate E3. Expect Sony to keep some details in reserve until then, notably the final product design and pricing.

Sony adopted a similar schedule back in 2013 with the PlayStation 4. An official announcement surfaced in February before a deep dive at E3, and finally, a release date at Gamescom.

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