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PlayStation 5 Fanboys Can’t Handle Positive Xbox Series X Announcements

While we're all dying to hear more about the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, any new information also brings fanboys out of the woodworks.

  • A recent Xbox Series X announcement has one fanboy crying Sony.
  • No matter the news, there will always be fanboys to ruin the vibe.
  • Why can’t Xbox fans just have this one?

While we’re all dying to hear more about the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, any new information also brings fanboys out of the woodworks.

This time, a recent Xbox Series X reveal brought out the PlayStation fanboys, and boy, they really can’t seem to handle Microsoft’s hardware getting new games.

Xbox Series X and “Gameplay”

As you may know, the reveal showed “gameplay” of tons of titles playing on the Xbox Series X. Most of the footage was just in-engine trailers, but it gave us a decent idea of what’s to come.

This is where the Sony fanboys came out in full force.

One commented on a variety of Xbox-positive tweets, stating they can’t wait for these games to come to PlayStation 5.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Another player compared the Xbox Series X games to… Persona, for some reason?

Source: Twitter

The reveal could have shown gameplay over mostly trailers. But, there’s no reason to sh*t on what’s there.

It’s strange that no matter the content, so-called “gamers” come out and attack the other side.

It makes no sense. Why can’t we just let the Xbox gamers have this?

Fanboys Going Too Far

Sometimes these attacks go past game reveals. One gamer got excited over Naughty Dog’s crunch schedule regarding The Last of Us Part 2.

One user, while not exactly excited over these Xbox Series X announcements, had a level head about it.

Source: Twitter

They stated the games to be excited for and claimed the rest were “meh.” Then, instead of crapping on Xbox, they said maybe Sony would be more their style.

It’s okay for everyone to have their tastes. Some players love trophies more than achievements, for example. Others are fans of Sony’s single-player games, while some just want multiplayer experiences.

Preferences are fine—but there’s no need to get overly emotional and make others feel bad.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:55 PM

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