This Platform Enables Professional Athletes Raise Funds to Finance Their Careers

Athletes, especially those who are just rising in the sporting industry, face a lot of problems when it comes to funding their training and participation in sporting events across the world. There are big financial barriers for athletes, especially those who are not yet professionals but compete at a quite high level. Basic items such as equipment, cost of registration, travel cost or communication barriers are just a few of the costs associated with competing at a certain level.

That’s why professional sport has a high entry barrier for participants. But the entry barrier is also high for small investors or fans, who might wish to invest in them. SportyFi seeks to change this by offering a blockchain financing platform. This platform will serve athletes, sports organizations, and sport clubs by enabling them raise funds for their activities. For investors, SportyFi will provide a platform for investment in an industry that is worth $620 billion and whose growth rate is on a rise.

SportyFi is a decentralized sports ecosystem that will achieve its goal by creating a Smart Manager Platform and a SportyFi Professional Fund. The system will run on the Ethereum platform, use smart contracts and other advantages that come with using the blockchain system in order to push for transparency and minimize the overhead cost.

SportyFi Smart Manager

The SportyFi’s Smart Manager Platform will facilitate the ecosystem by acting as an intermediary between the athletes/sports organizations and the potential investors. The athletes will be able to upload their profiles stating their current achievements and the sporting plans they might have for their future. Fans and small investors who are currently not able to support these athletes can now get access to their profiles and determine how to invest in them with the goal of possible future returns. The Smart Manager platform will include two main parts: a cryptocurrency financial investment platform and cryptocurrency crowdsourcing donation platform.

SportyFi Professional Fund

The SportyFi Professional Fund will receive part of the funds raised from the Sportyfi’s Token Crowdsale, which is all funds raised above $9 million. This fund will invest in those athletes who have the biggest potential among their profiles in exchange of future returns. SportyFi will form a board of sport experts who will be able to determine who to fund, but the final decision will be made by SportyFI token holders who will steer the fund through DAO voting. The aim of the professional fund will be to facilitate quicker growth of the SportyFi ecosystem.

Token Crowdsale

For the full deployment of this ecosystem, SportyFi will have a Token Crowdsale. During the SPF Token Pre-Crowdsale and the Crowdsale a total of 200 million non-mineable SPF tokens will be issued. Payment of the tokens will be made only through Ethereum. Out of the 200 million SPF tokens, 134 million will be distributed to the public for purchase, 36 million will be distributed among the founders and the team of SportyFi, 20 million will be given to the ambassadors and the advisors of SportyFi while the remaining 10 million will be left for future incentives of the organization. Once you have sent out the Ethereum to the SportyFi address, the smart contract will generate SPF tokens instantly. The sale will last for 17 days and the tokens that have been purchased will be released to the contributors immediately after the crowdsale is complete. The Token Crowdsale will begin on the 14th of November.

SportyFi’s Team and Ambassadors

The team is made up of ten experts. The CEO and Co-founder, Marko Filej is an entrepreneur with wide experiences in the sports industry and he is the man behind the global sports platforms such as: Onlinegym4me and Trainers4Me. Simon Zgavec, the second co-founder and legal and compliance advisor, is an experienced attorney and an expert in the financial and capital markets. The third co-founder is Tomaz Cepoon and he is the operations manager who has worked in many well-known international companies in the areas of marketing and sale. The rest of the team is made of people experienced in either the investment or the sports industry. There are also 4 advisors and 8 ambassadors, including Roberto Carlos, a soccer superstar.His involvement in this platform serves to reiterate the fact that this is definitely a platform that seeks to change the way global sportsmen/women are empowered.

This presents a great opportunity to back a company that is seeking to transform the sports industry. Estimates show that the global sports industry is worth over USD 500 Billion. Investing wisely and backing up the right players in this industry may result in huge profits in the near future.

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