Pitbull Wallet
The credit card-sized wallet sports a keyboard and e-ink display.
Pitbull Wallet
The credit card-sized wallet sports a keyboard and e-paper display.

Pitbull Wallet is a new project from the non-profit Onda Technology Institute that looks to store all of your passwords, private keys, and other sensitive data in a credit card-sized device. Users will be able to store entire wallets for any cryptocurrency on the small electronic device, and it can be used to present QR codes for tablets, smartphones, and other QR-code scanners. The Pitbull Wallet offers a new, unique form of cold storage that should be able to attract interest from a large section of the Bitcoin community who are interested in advanced security tactics. Cold storage is always the best option when it comes to securing cryptocoins, and the added convenience of this particular form of wallet storage could make it a more practical option for many users.

The Technology Behind Pitbull Wallet

The actual hardware inside the device is rather limited, but it doesn’t need to do much more than create QR codes and allow you to switch between different cryptocurrency wallets. It comes with an e-paper display that should hold up even when you’re out in the sun, and the battery is claimed to be long lasting. Don’t worry about losing your data after the battery dies because you can always restore your passwords and keys with an external cable. The wallet “card” also comes with a small keyboard below the main display for entering new info and accessing old data.

Pitbull Wallet
The wallet can be used as a security sidekick for smartphones and tablets.

The Device That Bitcoin Needs

Although this project is still in the early stages of development, it’s rather exciting to see the conceptual ideas behind this much-needed product. Properly securing one’s bitcoins is definitely possible right now, but the Pitbull Wallet could definitely be a catalyst for improving the convenience of the entire process. There are ways to make Bitcoin convenient and there are ways to make it secure, but this is one of the first products that may be able to do both. You can help this project get off the ground by contributing to their Indiegogo campaign.