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June 16, 2014 8:17 AM UTC

Pheeva Bitcoin Wallet App: Interview with CEO of Love Will Inc. – Lamar Wilson

I got a Pheeva! And the only prescription is, more Bitcoin. It was just a matter of time until the emergence of some quality bitcoin apps, especially a native app available for the iPhone. I had a chance to talk with Lamar Wilson, CEO of…

I got a Pheeva! And the only prescription is, more Bitcoin.

Pheeva Waller App Developed by Lamar Wilson

It was just a matter of time until the emergence of some quality bitcoin apps, especially a native app available for the iPhone. I had a chance to talk with Lamar Wilson, CEO of Love Will Inc. about an exciting new bitcoin venture and his wallet app, Pheeva. The app is available now in the App Store and the app publisher is developing partnerships with some of the largest brands in the cryptocurrency arena to extend the wallet’s services for its user base.

After weeks of development and testing, Love Will Inc., publisher of the Pheeva bitcoin wallet, has announced a new addition to the wallet app, Pheeva Plus. The first of these partnerships is with Gyft. Gyft is one of the leading digital gift card platforms on the web. They have been at the forefront of the crypto movement from the start, when they started accepting bitcoin as a payment method very early on and by making it easy to shop at the top national retailers through those gift cards. Gyft is the first partner with Pheeva in Pheeva Plus.


Interview of the Pheeva app developer, Lamar Wilson, by Jeran Campanella

Hello Lamar. Thanks for taking the time to speak with CCN. Can you tell me about yourself and when you started working in the internet world, and how you came to be a fan of bitcoin?

Lamar: I am a programmer and a web developer. I always loved tech and my degree is in Finance, so when I heard about bitcoin and the monetary freedom it provided, I thought about what I could do to incorporate both of my passions into many executable ideas. I got started with the internet like most people, with an AOL disk. And I really became serious about Bitcoin a little more than a year ago, after reading the Satoshi white paper.

I too started with the AOL Disk. We have come quite a long way. So, I signed up for the Pheeva hot wallet app, but what is COG and the cooperative membership that I signed up for as well?

Lamar: Love Will Inc. creates applications that benefit the cooperative. We add value to the membership, by securing partnerships with companies, providing discounts, and even revenue sharing through a patronage refund to the members of our cooperative called COG.

And COG stands for?

Lamar: COG is the cooperative and stands for “Cycle of Goodness.”

Okay and the application of Pheeva, is it just your project or are others helping you as well?

Lamar: I am the lead developer, but currently there are two of us working on this project, myself and Lafe Taylor. We also utilize some great companies for backend infrastructure, like and Blockcypher.

Can you tell me what inspired you to start?

Lamar: “Freedom is the inspiration for COG and the Pheeva Wallet. Bitcoin provides us with a freedom that we don’t have with our current monetary system. We are inspired to create tools that allow people to completely gain the benefits of that freedom. Our philosophy is not to hold your funds like a bank would but to build tools to allow you to be your own bank.”

The Pheeva Wallet, the first of these tools, was created to make everyday transactions easier. So, whether it be a two-click online purchase thru the Pheeva Chrome extension or buying gift cards to major brands, through our Gyft partnership, Pheeva makes transactions as frictionless as possible for mainstream users.

What about Pheeva Plus. What are the benefits there?

Pheeva Plus

Lamar: Pheeva Plus adds features and services to our hot wallet application, and adds new energy to Bitcoin’s adoption across a wider audience. This means more opportunities for our subscribers, and more ways to enjoy the freedom and security of using Bitcoin. It is yet another step in the evolution of this exciting global currency.

What makes you different than all the others?

Lamar: Well, we have Coin!Ds which makes it simpler to send and receive bitcoin. We also, as I mentioned are connected to the COG Cooperative, which will generate value for our wallet customers. Thirdly, we are building credible partnerships that will make bitcoin easier for the masses. And fourthly, our wallet is by far the sexiest one on the market.

I have to admit that I have an eye for sexy, and I will agree that of the apps I’ve messed with, Pheeva is so far the sexiest. So besides developing sexy apps, what is something you are excited about in the bitcoin world?

Lamar: I am excited about the endless possibilities. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what digital currency can do on a global scale. The amount of value from commerce and the economic benefits from a borderless currency is innumerable. I am excited to see what can happen when everyone has a level playing field to trade. I am also excited about the possibilities of a distributed ledger of verifiable ownership and seeing how it can disrupt the many industries that have previously remained stagnant, from law to file storage.

Do you have any advice for the new bitcoiners out there and any advice for those of us who have been around a few years?

Lamar: I’d say, hold on, keep calm, a change is coming.

What is the one thing you are doing every day or what would you suggest we do to help Bitcoin gain acceptance?

Lamar: Set someone up with a Pheeva Wallet and send them a little bit of bitcoin. Show them how easy it is to use and send money.

I thank you Lamar for your time and for your help and dedication in making the use and adoption of bitcoin an easy and smooth experience for all. I can tell that your goal is to empower individuals to take control of their finances by developing simple to use applications.


I asked Lamar to leave me with his contact info and any other info he wished to share. He simply wanted to remind you to try the Pheeva app, and where you can go to do so. He also mentioned that he’s looking for people and he left me with some small details about a new secret project.

The Pheeva hot wallet is a native Bitcoin application distributed for iOS devices. It is also available for Android devices, and as a Google Chrome browser extension. The application is downloadable from the Pheeva website and requires a no-cost membership in the COG cooperative. Full information about the Pheeva hot wallet application is available HERE. Lamar can be reached at or at his Twitter account @bigmarh. For general inquiries you can email Lamar also mentioned that they are currently hiring at Love Will Inc. and are looking for developers, corporate partners, investors etc. So, if you have the skills, send Lamar an email. Lastly, Lamar told me that they are excited to announce that they are working on a secret new project, only info he gave me was…

Code Name: “The Mothership”.

All images courtesy of Love Will Inc. and Pheeva.

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