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Persona 5 Switch Port Is Something Atlus Should Just Shut Up and Do

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:35 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:35 PM
  • Atlus, creators of the Persona series, has been asked for a Switch port of their latest Persona game numerous times.
  • Despite this, Atlus’ communications manager says that fans’ voices must continue to be heard if the port is going to happen.
  • Apparently, Atlus just doesn’t know what’s good for them as a company anymore.

Recently it came out that Atlus, creators of Persona 5, knows how much fans want a Switch port. IGN spoke to Ari Advincula, Atlus’ communications manager, and asked her if fans should give up on the idea .

She said she was a strong believer in “never giving up hope” and that Atlus knows that fans want a port. But it is apparently up to fans to keep telling Atlus that a port is wanted.

Advincula is probably not the person who decides what gets ported and what doesn’t, she’s a communications manager. But if Atlus knows how much fans want a port, then they should bloody well make one then.

Atlus Persona 5 - Tweets
I’m not the only person who feels this way either. Many folks on Twitter think that Atlus needs to stop blowing smoke and just port the thing already. | Source: Twitter 

Atlus  Clearly Cannot Think Straight

Persona 5 is one of the best modern JRPGs ever made. Fans seem to agree that Atlus really outdid themselves with this one. That was reflected in sales.

Persona 5 is Atlus’ best-selling game of all time . The Switch is currently the top-selling console. Saying that it’s up to the fans to make their voices heard is ridiculous.

This shouldn’t need to be a fan demand. Porting Persona 5 to the Nintendo Switch should be a no-brainer business decision for any company out there. It would sell insanely well on Switch, and you can practically guarantee that with the numbers that the game has pulled in on PS4 alone.

No, Instead They’d Rather Release Numerous Pointless Spin-Offs

This seems to be a habit that Atlus picked up with the Persona series. Instead of doing anything all that meaningful with one of the highest-quality RPG franchises of all time, they pump out crap side-projects.

Persona 5 is getting a hack-and-slash sequel called Persona 5 scramble. It will be coming to the Switch, a console that the original isn’t even available on.

Persona 4 ended up with Persona 4 Dancing All Night and Arena. Suddenly, your awesome JRPG series now includes a rhythm game and a fighting game…for some reason.

At this point, this feels like a ramble at Atlus’ expense. But my point still stands. Persona 5 is wildly successful. If Atlus has any sense left after all of that condensed anime they’ve been huffing, they should just hurry up and release it on Switch.