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Persona 3 Has One Glaring Flaw – It’s Time for Atlus to Fix It

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
William White
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
  • #Persona3Remake trended on Twitter as fans fondly remembered the game.
  • A remake makes loads of sense, considering how fragmented the game is.
  • It could also bring in new fans that started the series with Persona 4 or 5.

Persona 3 is a gem. One that is worthy of being played by new fans. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t get as much love as Persona 4 or Persona 5, and it’s in dire need of a modern release.

Twitter agrees. The hashtag #Persona3Remake trended this week  as fans clamored for Atlus to produce an updated version of the game.

Why It’s the Perfect Time for Atlus to Release a Persona 3 Remake

Persona 3 Remake
It’s time for Atlus to give fans a P3 remake! Source: Twitter 

A Persona 3 remake would be a win-win for Atlus and gamers alike.

There’s no denying that the Persona series has been gaining new fans. Persona 5 has reached 3.2 million in sales  [Venture Beat]. That number will only climb higher when Persona 5 Royal releases outside of Japan.

After playing these new games, they may dive into the franchise’s back catalog.

But will modern gamers recoil at the antiquated gameplay of the original Persona 3?

We Need a Total Overhaul – Not Just a P3P Remaster

Unlike modern Persona games, this one doesn’t give players full control over their party. Instead, they control the main character and suggest strategies to their companions.

Fortunately, this isn’t a hard fix.

Persona 3 Portable, an update to the game that came out for the PSP, adds in the option for full party control. It also spices up the game with extra content, including the option to play as a female  [PlayStation Store].

That might make it seem like a P3P remaster would satisfy fans, but that would be a grave mistake. The game cuts out running between areas in the overworld in favor of a menu navigation system.

P3P also lacks The Answer, an epilogue to the main game that came with Persona 3 FES, which – adding to the confusion – is different than Persona 3.

The Answer is a divisive addition to the game  [GiantBomb]. Even so, it would only make sense to include it in a modern remaster and address its most controversial flaws.

Unify the Fractured Persona 3 Catalog

At the very least, Persona 3 deserves a comprehensive remaster. That would allow Atlus to create a definitive version of the game.

Unifying the fractured parts of the original’s multiple releases would fix P3’s most glaring flaw.

Make these changes, improve the graphics and audio, and the new Persona 3 would be well worth picking up. Even for fans that already own one of the other versions.

Get to it, Atlus!