Paul Rudd Is The Hero We All Need In These Crazy Times

In these trying times, Paul Rudd and his “certified young person” PSA proves that the “Ant-Man & The Wasp” actor is the hero we need.
Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd plays a superhero on TV, and real life. | Source: YouTube
  • Paul Rudd just released a hilarious PSA.
  • In the PSA, the “certified young person” encourages everyone to wear a mask (since, apparently, people are still wondering why it’s important).
  • As trying as these times certainly are, the “Ant-Man & The Wasp” actor is one of the most unproblematic actors in the world…and as such, he’s the hero we all need.

I think we can all agree that Paul Rudd is nothing if not a national treasure.

The actor — known for being “Ant-Man,” that guy from “Clueless,” and an unproblematic Internet bae — just recorded a PSA called “Wear Your Mask,” wherein he encouraged millennials to do the right thing by their fellow citizens and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Rudd’s method of delivery is just as awesome as the rest of him.

Paul Rudd Is A Certified Young Person

As part of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nationwide Wear Your Mask campaign, actors — such as Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro — are recording PSAs in which they encourage the population to wear masks to help offset the spread of COVID-19.

But none of the actors already involved in the campaign have had quite the impact as Paul Rudd. Just look at how fun and awesome his PSA is in the video below.

Only he can do something like this without political polemics from either side. But that has everything to do with who Paul Rudd is as a person and as an actor.

So Unproblematic

Unlike many other people in Hollywood (looking at you, Ellen DeGeneres), Paul Rudd is one of the genuinely “good guys.”

He gets up in the morning, he goes to work on whatever movie he’s booked to work on, he respects his colleagues, both male and female (there’s never been even one intimation of a possible #MeToo moment), and he goes back home to mind his business until the next day.

Paul Rudd
Same, Mindy Kaling. Same. | Source: Twitter

More celebrities should aspire to be like Paul Rudd. Period.

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