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paralelni-polisWe have seen Bitcoin introduced into a number of establishments all over the world, both online and offline. The cryptocurrency is no longer just there for geeks who live behind their computer. Instead, it can be used by anyone who wants to use it.

Bitcoin Boulevard in The Hague is just one example of a place where one can pay for his or her drink with both fiat and virtual money. Recently, a Prague located coffee bar decided to take Bitcoin acceptance to the next level. They only accept the cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

Vaclav Benda

Parallel Polis (Paralelni Polis in Czech) is the place we are talking about. To understand how this place works and where they come from, we take a little trip back into history. We learn that Parallel Polis is a theoretical concept that was developed by Czech dissident Vaclav Benda. He gave shape to Parallel Polis during the height of communist domination in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s. Impressed by Benda’s concept and the development of crypto-technologies, a three-store house was rented in Prague. The purpose of this was described as follows:

“Embracing the current crypto-technologies we have realized a practical feasibility of these utopian theories and started a unique freedom think tank focused on the promotion of digital freedom, cryptocurrencies, anonymization networks and free markets. For this purpose, we decided to rent a big 3-floor house in the center of Prague. One floor is dedicated to a Bitcoin coffee-house, hub and hacker space called Institute of Cryptoanarchy.”


A nice initiative, to say the least, but several redditors were curious to see what the reaction of new customers will be to the fact that their trusted fiat money is no good there. No cause for concern though. People who walk in to get a coffee can exchange their money for Bitcoin through a Bitcoin ATM. One redditor already witnessed this event and described it as follows:

“It’s pretty interesting to sit there and see how random visitors react to the information that fiat currency is not accepted here, and they need to buy bitcoin first! Most of the people are curious, and they’re installing a Bitcoin wallet and buying bitcoins at the ATM in a matter of minutes!”

Another way of getting new people acquainted to Bitcoin and, more importantly, proof that a lot of people are open-minded about cryptocurrencies. They may not know all there is to know about cryptocurrencies yet, but they are not afraid to find out what the fuzz is all about. If you’re in the Prague region, be sure to head over to Paralelni Polis and buy yourself a coffee with your bitcoins. Afterwards, let us know in the comments how it felt to step into the first Bitcoin only coffee-bar!

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Images from Paralelni Polis and Shutterstock.