Ross Ulbricht Silk Road Trial Judge Facing Death Threats on Dark Net

The federal judge in charge of the tremendous Silk Road trial has been facing several online threats revealed during the previous days. The Darknet has posted leaked personal information and calls to “swat” her home. Dissatisfied with the judge’s rejection of the arguments put forward by Ulbricht’s defense, who argued that the FBI unlawfully penetrated … Read more

New Germany-based end-to-end encrypted e-mail service launches internationally

The latest free “NSA-proof” email service, Germany-based Tutanota, made its international debut last week, offering end-to-end encryption and 1 GB of storage to users. The web-based e-mail service automatically encrypts all data, including the subject and attachments, locally on the client-side before being sent to the company’s servers in Germany. The encryption method used is … Read more

Dogecoin Users Outraged Over Trademark

Update: Ultra Pro has made an announcement on the subject after the article was published. It can be read here. The Dogecoin community was introduced to some negative information recently when it was uncovered that Ultra Pro International, a case and sleeve company, announced plans to trademark the word “Doge.” The move was met with … Read more