A new payment option is available whence ordering an OUYA

Yesterday the gaming world was rocked by an announcement from OUYA:

We accept Bitcoin! REJOICE!

I’m rejoicing!  OUYA is the 8th-generation gaming console that is competing with the X-Box One, the Wii-U, and the Play Station 4; you know, the one you might not have heard of.  For many of us, OUYA is something that our uber-nerdy friend has ordered in support of a more even playing field for console game developers.  The mission of OUYA melds well with the mission of Bitcoin, and frankly I think it is about time that OUYA has started accepting Bitcoin payments.

Compared with other 8th-generation gaming consoles, OUYA is significantly cheaper but the price reduction does come with performance and selection reductions as well.  If you’ve been vacillating between buying and passing on one of these consoles, hopefully their acceptance of Bitcoin is enough to push you over the edge.

Every day, we see new businesses around the world accepting Bitcoin.  These are good days.

Have a cryptic day, mis amigos