Outpost Thrift: The Latest Addition to Sean’s Outpost

Outpost Thrift's exterior

Outpost Thrift’s exterior

Last week Sean’s Outpost, the world’s most active bitcoin charity, opened the doors to it’s newest project: a thrift shop in the Outpost’s hometown of Pensacola, FL.  Boasting “over 11,000 square feet of knick-knacks, furniture, kitchen ware, toys, clothing, appliances, and so much more,” Outpost Thrift gives even people of modest means a way to support homeless outreach while getting some pretty sweet antique pepper grinders and a VHS of True Lies.  I personally got my hands on a very affordable ‘Cheers’ mug and some tasteful wine glasses.

Sean’s Outpost obtained the building from an existing thrift shop that was closing; “the owner offered us the donations that she had not sold, allowing us to get a decent head-start,” store manager Nathan Monk told me.  Pensacola as a community supports many thrift stores, but Outpost Thrift is the only one I could identify not operated by a church; it is also the only one that accepts bitcoin.

My Outpost Thrift loot!

My Outpost Thrift loot!

If you are near Pensacola, and have furniture you would like to donate, here is the Facebook event page for a pick-up they are conducting on February 9th.

Here is all the information about Outpost Thrift’s hours and location:

Outpost Thrift
4406 N. Palafox Street, Pensacola, FL 32505
Hours:  Tuesday – Saturday; 10am – 6pm