ORET Throws Open the Gold. Mining Industry to Crypto Investors

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Nothing has ever fascinated the human race more than the glittering exuberance of the metal that comes with the chemical name ‘Aurum’. Yes! We are talking about Gold. Perhaps one of the earliest metals known to mankind that continues to sway its influence to this day. And rightly so! Along with the value it imparts to tradition and ornamental brilliance, gold has been part of our monetary system that dates back thousands of years. It has provided umpteen opportunities for profitability and prosperity, the prospects of which continue to hold promise & value for the future.


Located at a distance of 150 kilometers from the capital city of  Asuncion, the picturesque town of Paso Yobai is one of the most promising gold camps of eastern Paraguay. Forming the ‘Association de pequenos Mineros’- APM (Small Miners Association), the locals’ effort towards mining the gold deposits succeeded partially with about 30% of the mining being successful. As the depth of the excavation grew deeper coupled with the demand for heavy machinery & equipment required for further mining, the locals began to sell the gold-rich lands to potential buyers.

Paraguay Mineral Mining SA (PMMSA)

With a team that comprises some of the best minds of the gold mining industry, PMMSA aims to purchase the gold-rich areas from the APM and with the aid of a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, excavate the gold to sell it for profits. Having already had the necessary geological surveys of the targeted area along with the necessary drilling equipment along with a test plant for sampling the excavations, the results have been a revelation confirming the huge gold deposits as was predicted.

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PMMSA is unique in a way that it believes in the true potential of futuristic technologies such as the Blockchain and has taken a step towards further strengthening the relationship by creating the ORET token. PMMSA has decided to raise funds required towards the acquisition of land and the necessary infrastructure required to excavate and process the gold through ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of ORET.

The ORET token is based on Ethereum ERC20 standard and offers the usual transparency, reliability, safety, and security associated with the Blockchain technology. ORET has the following attributes associated with it:

  •         Each ORET token is priced at $0.50 USD
  •         An individual can purchase a maximum of $150,000 worth ORET
  •         A hard cap of 12,500,000 tokens has been set for ORET
  •         Purchase of ORET is not valid for residents of USA and China

Token Distribution

PMMSA believes in absolute transparency and hence has decided that no tokens will be distributed either to the team members or to their kith and kin. The funds raised through the ICO would be completely invested in PMMSA with only 10% kept for any potential contingency. 500,000 ORET tokens would be distributed as Airdrop prior to the ICO. That makes 500,000 tokens distributed in the form of Airdrop with the remaining 96% of tokens amounting to 12,000,000 ORET to be distributed through the ICO.

ICO Plan

  •         The PMMSA hopes to raise between $2,500,000 to $6,000,000 in the ICO.
  •         The designated 12,500,000 ORET tokens would be issued by the ETH blockchain with no further possibilities of future token creation.
  •         An Ethereum Smart Contract based sale.
  •         Purchase of tokens would be through Ethereum.
  •         Post the completion of the ICO, all proceeds would be invested in PMMSA.

Project Phases

Depending on the amount raised through the ICO, PMMSA has planned to excavate the gold in 3 distinct phases.

The 1st phase would involve 43 hectares with 42,597 ounces of calculated open pit gold deposit and an additional 276,505 in tunneling amounting to a total of 319,102 ounces. The estimated cost of the 1st phase is $6,000,000 USD.

The 2nd phase would involve 24 hectares with 28,398 ounces of calculated open pit gold deposit and an additional 184,336 in tunneling amounting to a total of 212,734 ounces. The estimated cost of the 1st phase is $4,000,000 USD.

The 3rd phase would involve 10 hectares with 14,199 ounces of calculated open pit gold deposit and an additional 92,168 in tunneling amounting to a total of 106,367 ounces. The estimated cost of the 1st phase is $2,500,000 USD.

Investors have reasons to cheer

From the revenues obtained by PMMSA from the gold sale excavated from the deposits in Paso Yobai, 45% of the Net profits would be distributed among the token holders in the form Ethereum. This distribution would happen on a weekly basis. Other important factors to bring a smile to the investors are as listed below:

  •         PMMSA would sell the extracted gold every week in USD.
  •         All the expenses and taxes would be paid for.
  •         For token holders to receive the profit every week, the ORET tokens must be stored in an ERC20 compatible wallet.
  •         For the first year, 45% of the profits would be distributed each week to the token holders.
  •         From the second year, 40% of the profits would be distributed each week. The 5% reduction in profit is to raise further capital for development of PMMSA.
  •         Though the initial profits will not be huge for the first 6-7 months till the completion of the main plant post which the investors can expect substantial profits every week.

Token holders who put their token on exchanges during the weekly payment schedule would not be eligible for the profit sharing payments.

PMMSA along with the revolutionary blockchain technology is paving the way for a next-generation revolution in the gold mining industry. PMMSA not only provides a unique business opportunity towards optimum profitability and growth but with its immaculate vision & planning is set to become the leader of the gold mining industry of tomorrow.