OpenEx Hacked

January 14, 2014 09:30 UTC has been hacked for more than 11 Bitcoins. The website states:

The Server was hacked. Bitcoin wallet was stolen.
do not deposit any more bitcoins.
please withdraw the rest of your coins for details on the hack see:
Bitcoin talk thread: .5 btc reward

Here the admin r3wt writes:

attacker used ssh to gain access and steal btc wallet. i discovered this while trouble shooting a customer who had not received his deposit even though it showed pending. then i discovered our btc wallet was drained, all the accounts gone and the wallet.dat missing

i am offering 400 bucks for the attacker to return the money to me privately via pm, or for anyone who can catch the attacker and bring him to justice.

here is the log

Edit: If you lost bitcoins, i am sorry. kindly post the amount as well as your address below and i will repay them asap. i obviously don’ t have the money but i have every intention to pay for it when i do. again, i’m sorry.

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