OpenBazaar Teases Beautiful, New User Interface

Neil Sardesai @@neilsardesai
October 5, 2014

As many in the Bitcoin community already know, OpenBazaar is a completely open marketplace that directly connects customers to merchants. Users can buy and sell practically anything imaginable without any censorship or regulations. Furthermore, due to the market’s decentralisation, OpenBazaar can never be shut down by a central authority the way Silk Road was shut down.

While OpenBazaar makes it easy to establish an online black market, it also has legitimate uses for people in authoritarian and/or underbanked countries. Similar concepts have already existed, but OpenBazaar has seen the most success and active development. And today, the OpenBazaar team previewed a beautiful, new user interface for the OpenBazaar application.

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A Fresh, New Design for OpenBazaar

While it may be a short, approximately one minute video, the OpenBazaar team has revealed a lot of new features for Beta 4.0. The most obvious and most important new feature is the UI overhaul. OpenBazaar Beta 4.0 will feature a clean and minimalistic user interface that removes any unnecessary clutter, and instead, elevates content. Large images and buttons make it easy to browse through listings and navigate through the market. Subtle animations and the use of the Avenir typeface also add a nice, elegant touch.

OpenBazaar’s current look isn’t too bad, but the new design is a huge improvement. (Image from Rafał Kiełbus)

While a GUI update might seem superficial, it’s actually quite important. Bitcoin in its current form can still seem difficult to use and intimidating to the everyday, non-tech-savvy person. A friendly UI like OpenBazaar’s makes the service appealing to use and minimises the entry-level learning curve. Even for more advanced users, a nice, intuitive user interface is always welcome, since it prevents wasting time figuring out how to use the service.

No one really wants to use a UI like this. (Image from Coins-E)

Other Features

Beta 4.0 adds desktop notifications and Windows support.

While the redesign appears to be the focus of the update, Beta 4.0 will also add a couple of new features. OpenBazaar will add desktop notifications, and the application will finally be available for Windows. And of course, it’s expected that Beta 4.0 will bring in several bug fixes.

Community Reaction

OpenBazaar has already received a lot of praise from the Bitcoin community, and Beta 4.0 looks like it’s going to be a big hit.

“it looks so easy to use!! everything is literally spelled out for you!!!”

-aulnet on r/Bitcoin

“Wow! Fantastic. I’m so pumped for this project.”

-jjschro on r/OpenBazaar

“I tried it out on the linux version. Definitely huge potential for this project. I honestly think it is going to be the killer app for bitcoin. It will be a complete revolution in e-commerce.”

-anon22222 on r/Bitcoin

A release date for Beta 4.0 (or even Beta 3.0) is currently unknown. If you’re interested in following the OpenBazaar project, check out the OpenBazaar blog or the OpenBazaar subreddit. OpenBazaar also welcomes support in the form of code submissions and/or bitcoin donations. As always, CCN will keep you updated on any new developments.

OpenBazaar images from OpenBazaar; other images from Shutterstock.

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