Open Trading Network Now Has a Personal Touch

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Open Trading Network – A Long Overdue Solution to a Growing Problem

Open Trading Network (OTN) is an innovative platform that meets the demands of a growing number of crypto traders – offering an entirely decentralized, cross-blockchain exchange.  Crucially, OTN is the first of its kind to successfully remove the cumbersome delays, excessive account opening, form filling and various registration checks that typically accompany trading between various cryptocurrencies. OTN offers a game-changing solution that applies cross-chain technology to unite all blockchain networks and market participants.  Furthermore, the platform has been specifically designed to ensure the best interests of all platform users and as such offers the highly attractive feature of 100% collateralized trades.

Dmitry Kutuzov – Official OTN Spokesman

At the helm of spreading the philosophy and power of using the OTN platform is industry-established Dmitry Kutuzov. Mr. Kutuzov has been selected as the official spokesperson of OTN because of his impressive record of experience in technology development - combined with his beliefs and understanding of the role OTN will play in the future of crypto-sector transactions.  He brings a degree in cybersecurity and over 12 years of experience in the IT industry to his appointment.  With previous work including - PHP development, gaming projects product owner and billing department manager for the world’s leading broker – Mr. Kutuzov is well equipped to appreciate the value of OTN and represent the platform most effectively.

A Unique Vantage Point

As a Head of Development at the Open Trading Network, Dmitry Kutuzov works intensively on developing the OTN platform. He has directly worked on cross-chain technology development to find the best solution to turn OTN into the world’s first 100% collateralized decentralized exchange.  This work has consolidated his core belief that OTN is the future of blockchain.  As such he brings a comprehensive depth of sector and OTN platform knowledge to his role as spokesman. His unique vantage point gives him a clear understanding of the workings and benefits OTN has to offer to the expanding digital assets sector.

Underpinned by a core focus to unite isolated blockchain projects into one global network to further establish easy and transparent exchange transactions, Mr. Kutuzov will be attending key crypto-asset and blockchain events going forward as official OTN spokesman.

Recent Events – London Blockchain Summit Nov 28th 2017

Mr. Kutuzov attended the OTN stand at the London Blockchain Summit on November 28th 2017. ( He highlighted the sizeable benefits OTN has to offer, whilst offering explanations of platform features to provide clarity and transparency to users.

Upcoming Events – US TokenFest March 2018

As interest in the OTN solution grows at an increasing pace, Mr Kutuzov will be attending a growing number of events across the globe.  In addition to the London Blockchain Summit, Mr Kutuzov has been confirmed to give his first speech about OTN at the popular US TokenFest in March of next year and Blockchain Expo 2018 in London, UK.

Keep an eye on the OTN updates as the team has some major surprise to come soon.

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Warning: Investing involves a high degree of risk. The OTN foundation confirms that it does not sell OTN tokens and that the activity is non-commercial.

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