OneString Modular Miner Review: Excellent Power Sipping Performance

I was able to get a sample of the new OneString modular miner.
The specs are very good especially when you take power consumption into account.
Here are the official specs posted by Ben Turas on BitcoinTalk, whom I interviewed for this review.

OneStringMiner board:
The OneString Miner boards are designed by Intron and C-scape, two well-known Bitcoin mining board designers.
The OSM is based on Bitfury chips, and each board contains 15 chips, hashing 25+ GH/s without heat sink and 30+ GH/s with heat sink.
Each board runs from a single 12V supply, using ~25W.
The models:
The OSM DIY sets, with heat sink(optional), hex spacers, USB cable and board interconnection cables.
All you need to add is a power supply and a host computer running cgminer (bfgminer is having issues that we’re investigating).
The DIY comes in three flavors: without heat sink, and with one or two boards per heat sink.
The OSM Elite is a compact ~420 GH/s Bitcoin miner that only uses ~350W @ 220V. It will use slightly more @110V.
This is a complete miner in an attractive white or black case (Coolermaster Elite) with power supply and Raspberry Pi.
It will run out of the box.

I received the DIY1 30 gh/s unit which came with the board, heat sink, fan, eight standoffs, plastic washers, screws, zip ties, mini USB cable and wires

OneString Components

for connecting multiple units together while stacking. All that was needed was a power supply.
Everything you need to quickly and easily setup your miner is included.
Ben has setup a special arrangement with FedEx and ships these worldwide overnight. They were safely packed and secure.
Assembly was very quick and easy. The heat sink is anodized, so you do not need thermal compound unless you want to use it. The heat sink went on easily and then the stand offs. Once they were together as I only had one unit I secured the fan to the stand offs due to it being powerful enough it blows itself over during use otherwise. It moves a huge amount of air and is still very quiet.
I asked Ben about an assembly guide for those new to putting together components.

Ben: A setup guide is the only thing I have not created yet. I should, but the DIY products are so simple to setup, it would almost be a waste of time to create it. I still will do it, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

Once assembled I simply connected it via USB to my mining computer running Windows 7. It was immediately detected and setup. I usually use MultiMiner that runs over BFGMiner. In this case, the driver is still in development so it would only run at half speed at this time. I will update once BFG/MM support is done.
I fired up cgminer to run the full test of the unit.
It was easily detected and runs at 31.5 gh/s, and the temp is 36.4c.

OneString Mining

The DIY1 runs very stably. I did not have any crashes or problems with it. I ran it on several pools with no issues either.
The fan keeps it very cool and being a quiet fan will not cause allot of noise if it is in the room with you during normal daytime activity. In a quiet room, it can be heard but is not super loud or annoying.
The OneString miner is an excellent unit that can be stacked with up to 16 boards. As I found out while interviewing Ben, they are currently working on on the firmware to utilize the serial connection on the board, so that 16 boards will be able to be stacked and only use one USB connection.  I look forward to testing this out in the future.
I liked how easy it was to assemble the unit and the quality of the board and components is top notch. Ben and his team did not skimp. In the world of Bitcoin mining gear, they are competing on availability and quality. I recommend them highly if you are looking to purchase mining equipment and like to build your own systems. These also give you the ability to keep expanding and have a low power draw making them easier on the electric bill.
BtcGuru also has the Elite miner, a fully assembled plug and play unit. Ben and his team are hard at work developing a larger board for data centers and more.
I was able to interview Ben about the OneString miner and their new business.

SF: Could you tell me about BtcGuru, the OneString miners and how the development went?
Ben: Ever since I saw how some mining equipment sellers treated their customers, I wanted to do a better job. But I hardly have any hardware design skills, so I needed the design of someone else. By coincidence I got in touch with C-scape and Intron, two famous mining hardware designers who also live in Holland. One thing lead to another, and once they published their OneString Miner idea, things fell in its place and we had a meeting. A few months later, after a few successful prototypes, we had a version that was ready for mainstream. We found a trustworthy PCB producer in China and had our first batch of boards made. Getting heat sinks was a challenge, we’re working with German producer, who is not as fast as we would like them to be. But their products are great, so we needed to be patient. The first batch of heat sinks was sold quicker than anticipated, and the long wait for batch two is almost over. Sales are ongoing but could be better. Nowadays there are many competitors, some with their own ASIC chip. We’ll always have the disadvantage of needing to buy the ASIC chips we use for our products, which makes it impossible to compete on price. So we’re giving customer satisfaction our top priority, while trying to stay as competitive as possible on the price.
SF: What are Key Features of the OneString miners that you want to stress over the competition also how close are you on serial support for connecting more than one DIY to one USB?
Ben: The main feature is a simple design, which makes the very power efficient. Less than 1W per GH/s for a 55nm chip that first came available at the end of the summer of 2013 is pretty amazing. These chips and the OneString Miner boards will still be worthwhile at the end of 2014 if one has access to low cost electricity. The next version of the Bitfury chips are becoming available, and they are even more power efficient. Of course, we’re busy with the new version of the chip, making prototype boards and testing will start soon.  The serial communication firmware is ready, we’re currently stress testing it.  Once the new batch of heat sinks is in, we’ll setup a few 3, 8, 9 and 16 board towers and stress them with up to 14v to be sure that the firmware works fine under stress too.  We expect to release the firmware   2nd half of April, together with a manual(yes!) how to reprogram the boards.  It will only be useful for multiple boards connected to one USB connection.  For one board the hashrate will be the same as the current version of the firmware.

OneString Miner Board

SF: What is your website and GB info and do you ship world wide.
Ben: We do not have an active website yet(we working on; sales are mainly via BitcoinTalk and eBay. We do ship worldwide, and shipping is free, except to some rural area’s in for example Russia. We negotiated a really good deal with FedEx and until now we have no complaints.
SF: How has Bitcoin changed your life?
Ben: I started with bitcoins in the summer of 2011, playing with GPU’s and once I was hooked, I invested in FPGA’s. At one time, I had close to a thousand bitcoins… But then Avalon came into the picture. When it became clear that they are for real, I invested into a few machines and got them in batch 2a, one of the lucky few. Those were the days; my day record was 13BTC on one day, I had 200GH/s operational. Of course more and more people bought mining gear and a plethora of ASIC designers and sellers popped up, scam and real. I was also bitten by the pre-order mess that some created. We all know how this story went. Looking back I shouldn’t have spent my stash; I don’t have many BTC left nowadays, but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss all the fun I had for the world!!
SF: Do you have anything specific you would like to say or add or upcoming product announcements you would like to publicize?
Ben: Anything specific to say? Buy my gear, it’s available in stock, reasonable priced and you’ll get real customer service. I get compliments from a lot of customers, and that feels good. New product development is ongoing; a few things that come to mind are the V2 Bitfury chips, the serial board communication(1 USB cable per up to 16 boards) and a data-center setup.  We’re getting close to launching sales via  One of the things we changed is that now every item of a set is priced separately.  A price of us$210 per 25+ GH/s seems high, but it actually is us$156 for the board and us$54 for the additional items and the free shipmenSo in stead of us$8/GH people will now read us$6/GH and that is a huge difference.  The sets will still also be available, but you can choose not to buy a fan for example.

I would like to offer your readers a 5% discount when they mention coupon code Cryptocoins in their order email to if received before April 14, noon CET.

As you can see, Ben has his direction clearly focused with the ability to adapt as needed. His reasons and want to fill that spot of being a manufacturer who delivers on their promises drive him to make sure he is putting out a quality product and not promising anything that he cannot deliver. Ben, by not taking pre-orders and delivering way after they are useful is refreshing, as well.  BtcGuru delivers quickly and is clear about what is in stock and ready to go.
I am impressed with BtcGuru’s OneString Miner. Quick, easy setup and stable operation is excellent.
Ben Turas and his drive to make miners that are ready to go and available makes it a company to buy from and keep an eye on for their future products.
Happy Mining!
Current Pricing
The prices as of March 21st:

Product #boards GH/s outside EU price in $ price including VAT inside EU price excluding VAT for business owners
OSM DIY0 1 25+ $210 €183 €151
2x OSM DIY0 2 50+ $369($51 advantage) €323(€43 advantage) €267(€35 advantage)
3x OSM DIY0 3 75+ $528($102 advantage) €461(€88 advantage) €381(€72 advantage)
OSM DIY1 1 30+ $220 €193 €160
OSM DIY2 2 60+ $400 €349 €289

The Elite is currently out of stock.

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