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This One Tweet Reveals Why ($$$) There Are So Many Gaming YouTubers

Jasmine Henry
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:25 PM
  • A tweet by MontanaBlack88 reveals why there are so many gaming YouTubers.
  • The German YouTuber shared images of the revenue earned from two of his videos.
  • A video about gaming made far more money than a video about his life.

On Twitter, YouTuber MontanaBlack88 shared images of the money he has earned from two of his videos. MontanaBlack88, who is also the Twitch streamer with the most subscribers, made $6,816.44 from a video about his life and a gaming video earned $5,719.49.

The video abut MontanaBlack88’s life has made more money, but the gaming video is more of a money maker. The lifestyle video has 2.5 million views compared to the gaming video which has 965,000 but there are $1,097 dollars between them which means that the gaming video is earning 2.5 times as much money.

MontanaBlack88 gaming video YouTube
Source: Twitter 
MontanaBlack88 life video YouTube
Source: Twitter 

MontanaBlack88’s tweet reveals why there are so many gaming YouTubers and why so many of them are among the top 10 highest-paid YouTube stars. Posting videos about video games can bring in much more than just posting about your life.

CPM, which means cost per thousand, can vary between videos and YouTubers have known this for years. What the video is about is just one thing that can affect a video’s CPM. An article about CPM by Jumpcut says that the location of your viewers and having a “niche” are two things that can make a CPM higher.

Lifestyle videos are less “niche” than videos about gaming which means that advertisers aren’t able to easily guess who will watch them. An advertiser selling soccers boots may be happy to pay $15 CPM on a video about FIFA because it knows that the viewers watching enjoy soccer. A person watching a lifestyle video could enjoy watching anything.

YouTubers who post videos about their lives may unhappy with how CPM works on YouTube, but it could be a great way to make money for streamers. Many streamers do post videos from their streams and Ninja has fewer Mixer followers compared to YouTube subscribers. If he doesn’t make money from his streams then he could make thousands of dollars from the CPM on his videos.