Oh God, There’s a FlappyCoin Now

February 27, 2014 03:30 UTC
FlappyCoin (FLAP) Logo

So you thought Flappy Bird was dead? Nope. Several copycats exist, and there’s even an online HTML5 recreation, which is surprisingly true to the original. But the Flappy Bird craze doesn’t stop there; someone had the idea to create an altcoin based off of Flappy Bird. It’s called FlappyCoin, and with official backing from Dong Nguyen (the creator of Flappy Bird), FlappyCoin is already off to a flying start.

Flappy Bird + Bitcoin = FlappyCoin

FlappyCoin is a scrypt-based coin, such as Litecoin and almost all other altcoins. There is no premine, and there may or may not be a 100 billion coin cap. FlappyCoin (abbreviated “FLAP”) does not seem to offer any benefits over Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, but instead seems to want to ride on Bitcoin’s and Flappy Bird’s coattails. Even the official website states, “FLAP is launched following the success of Flappy Bird,” and “FlappyCoin is a combination of success of Bitcoin and Flappy Bird.”

Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. FlappyCoin lets fans of Bitcoin and Flappy Bird combine their interests, similar to the way Dogecoin combined cryptocurrency and the silly, yet loveable Doge meme. Dogecoin has a surprisingly large userbase, so it’s possible that FLAP may see similar success. The coin’s official subreddit currently has 334 subscribers (“flappers”) and several FLAP giveaways. There’s even a fifteen page discussion on the Cryptsy support forum urging the exchange to accept FLAP. At the moment, there are (unsurprisingly) very few services accepting FlappyCoin, including the exchange Pmtocoins, and pools such as FlappyCoinPool, Bondni, and HashRapid. Another exchange, Crypto Rush, just recently tweeted that they would add FlappyCoin support soon.

Trouble in the Skies

However, it seems that there’s not just one, but rather two competing FlappyCoins. The other FlappyCoin (abbreviated “FLP”) has a 1% premine and has not been released yet. FLP’s official website even warns of a “FAKE FlappyCoin,” most likely referring to FLAP. Here’s the somewhat unusual FLP logo.

There’s a FlappyCoin competitor with the same name and 1% premine.

The Sky’s the Limit

So which FlappyCoin will ultimately prevail? It’s hard to determine. However, FLAP is already gaining traction while FLP hasn’t even been released yet. Furthermore, FLAP has official approval from Dong Nguyen while FLP does not. Perhaps both FLAP and FLP will fail to take off. After all, there are already a ton of competing altcoins and it’s becoming increasingly easy to create one’s own altcoin. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this plays out.

Last modified: April 24, 2014 16:08 UTC


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