Official Strategic Partnership: OceanEx and Koi Compliance

San Francisco – OceanEx is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Koi Compliance. Our partnership with Koi aims to elevate OceanEx’s AML compliance to the highest standards in the industry while increasing the service and options available to our customers.

Binance Labs portfolio Koi Trading is an OTC trading desk based in San Francisco. With the mission to bridge fiat and cryptocurrencies in a compliant manner, Koi Trading launched “Koi Compliance” to provide fully-managed KYC/AML solutions for virtual currency businesses, including exchanges, virtual currency wallets, hedge funds, and OTC desks. OceanEx’s broader vision is perfectly aligned with Koi Compliance on the goal of building the infrastructure which provides freedom of value exchange globally. OceanEx has always committed to providing our users a safe and free trading environment while following industry standards regarding collection of KYC info and screening from various jurisdictions. This process will be enhanced through the relationship with Koi Compliance.

One important aspect of our partnership with Koi is Koi’s assistance in helping OceanEx implement an AML transaction monitoring system. This system enrich will reduce the risk of non-KYC accounts engaging in money laundering and thereby permit OceanEx to raise withdrawal limits on such accounts to a great extent.

Our partnership with Koi is a win-win that will elevate OceanEx’s AML compliance to the top tier industry standard and result in an increased level of service to our customers.

About Koi Compliance

Koi Compliance’s team consists of certified anti-money laundering specialists, attorneys, and developers with years of experience in assisting blockchain companies meet KYC/AML legal requirements. Koi’s services cover the full compliance lifecycle, ranging from platform integration, configuration, staffing, training, policies & procedures drafting and worldwide license application assistance. Koi is the compliance backend of some of the world’s largest virtual currency OTC desks and exchanges. Koi Compliance allows in-house compliance leadership to focus on value-add decision making while enjoying the volume discounts they maintain with their technology partners.

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