OceanEx Partners with CYBR on Strengthen CyberSecurity to Ecosystem

The leading AI-powered digital asset management system and exchange platform- OceanEx has just announced its partnership with CYBR. CYBR is the US-based cybersecurity solution to ensure the safety of smart transaction in the blockchain industry. The collaboration aims at enhancing trading security level and blockchain cybersecurity enforcement mechanisms to OceanEx ecosystem. 

OceanEx security system encompasses not only the risk detection algorithm and identifies potential threats, but also the risk management system analyzing and gauging the risk level of a specific request and recommending the corresponding risk measurements.

CYBR, in the meanwhile, is a holistic, cybersecurity solution for the blockchain which ensures secure smart transactions occur via a portal designed to provide real-time safeguards, countermeasures and threat intelligence to the CYBR community as well as other crypto entities and exchanges who rely on cybersecurity solutions. CYBR commercializes and monetizes emerging threat intelligence by turning the data into actionable information. 

The collaboration establishes the commitment of the essence of security. CYBR will provide the smart-contract security report, which will examine all blockchain-based projects’ security degree – with the unique feature including: protect the digital assets security, identify and examine the invisible threats within the traditional secure framework, and real-time risk alert. Besides, the extensive geographical coverage of OceanEx user base, especially in Europe and Asia marketplace, together with CYBR’s rich background in blockchain security sphere, will contribute to the user acquisition and industrial development. 

Nan Xiaoning, CEO of OceanEx, has emphasized his perspective on blockchain security: 

“Characterized as OceanEx image in the blockchain industry, security always takes center stage. Invisible but highly significant, the security work in the blockchain industry can be viewed as an “iceberg,” within which the users can only spot those above the horizon, but more work is underneath. OceanEx’s goal is to provide users with professional and smooth trading experience, simultaneously, safeguard the security of digital assets.”

About OceanEx

Launched by BitOcean Global in 2018, OceanEx is an AI-powered digital asset trading platform. It offers professional services and uncompromising user experience to digital asset investors, traders, and liquidity providers. The platform is equipped with Bank-level SSL security technology with advanced machine learning algorithms to detect attacks and safeguard your assets and transactions actively.


About CYBR

“CYBR is a cybersecurity token that is used to power a suite of software solutions that provide a forward-thinking layer of defense against hackers and bad actors. CYBR’s solutions have already been deployed in large financial organizations and defense agencies, and the company has millions in revenue now. CYBR is the future of cybersecurity and now will provide these solutions cost-effectively for EVERYONE.”


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