NYU prepares classes on CryptoCurrencies


The future is coming.

If you’re involved with the exciting world of Bitcoin, you know just how fast things are moving and how incredibly complex every situation is. On top of that, very few actually understand the cryptocommunity.

Well, a new class of graduates may be about to enter the obscure regulatory world of Cryptocurrencies. Two professors, David Yermack of the New York University Stern School of Business and Geoffrey Miller of New York University’s Law School, have constructed a general outline for a set of CryptoCurrencies classes that may be ready for the Fall semester.

The classes, labeled “The Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies,” need to be pitched to their bosses first, but Professor Yermack seems rather optimistic on the course of education on the growing technology and industry. He told the Wall Street Journal, “You can help shape the field by stipulating what you think the important topics are… For an academic, that’s fun.”

The classes will cover many different topics and areas including introductory classes like “Class One (Law Students): What is money?” to a broader, more public class like “Class Fifteen (optional and open to the broader community): Bitcoin’s conflict with the political system” and in between are plenty of good explorations into the ever-growing topic of Cryptocurrencies.

Education about this topic is crucially important for us to grow a mature and legitimate industry and community. As the recent Reason-Rube survey shows, the less someone knew about Bitcoins, the more they were willing to ban/restrict it. Considering how the battle lines are being drawn in the political sands, it is essential that more people learn about this industry as soon as possible. 

However, these NYU courses may pack the 50-seat room, but what about people like you and I who aren’t going into NYU (oh wait, I actually am going to NYU, albeit for film making, but that’s not relevant)?

Well, for you, there are free alternatives online. Stanford professors are offering classes on Cryptography online at Coursera.org (personal note, I’ve used Coursera a number of times and I have to say, it is excellent) and the University of Nicosia, known recently for being the first university to accept Bitcoin, will open up free online courses for the first Master’s in Digital Currencies in the world.

These are huge events in our world as we see that the nay-sayers are continually proven wrong. Bitcoin is here to stay and its technology is beginning to change the landscape of international markets.

Anyone remember when people scoffed at the beginning of digital and internet courses? Well, welcome to the future, boys.

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