instant messagingIn recent years, government whistleblowers have shocked the mainstream public by revealing the full extent of how national governments spy on their citizens. It became clear that government spying agencies exploited centralized company servers to gain access to private communications. Unsurprisingly, many people found the government spying revelations very troubling. 

As a result, a wide variety of companies–such as ProtonMail–and cryptocurrencies–such as XCurrency–are trying to develop services designed to protect the privacy of their users. The Nxtty cryptomessenger is a smartphone application designed to utilize cryptocurrency’s decentralization to allow users to chat privately anywhere they have internet access. Nxttycoin is an asset built on top of Nxt that serves as the ownership mechanism for the cryptomessenger app. CCN spoke with Nxtty developer landomata about the cryptomessenger, Nxttycoin, and the Nxt platform.

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Nxtty Interview

Could you explain the origin of the name Nxttycoin?

Well, Nxttycoin is originated from Nxtty, which is originated from Nxt.

Ultimately, what do you hope to accomplish with Nxtty and Nxttycoin?

We hope to drive a paradigm shift in the way contemporary communication/social networking is done. With the invention of the cryptographic ledger, we are now about to redefine social exchanges in completely new ways which were just not possible before.  The possibilities are vast as we can now actually embed monetary units inside our applications which maintain real economic value independent from the internal or external app environments.  Our first step in Nxtty’s journey is the education and exposure of how cryptos actually work to normal everyday individuals.  By using the anti privacy and omni-surveillance trends as impetus, we hope to spread crypto education and habits to those who have never heard or used cryptos before.

How did you become involved with the Nxt platform?

I happened to fall onto Nxt by accident while studying Mastercoin in late 2013 and was completely sold on the concept.  Nxt is truly a unique platform and its creator a genius. The Nxt platform offers so much potential that it captured by attention immediately.  I also feel the Nxt community is unique for its extreme decentralization and starfish like qualities.

What about Nxt makes you favor it over other crypto 2.0 platforms?

The great community, Nxt is actually one of the most decentralized crypto communities in this space.  Also being the first 2.0 platform not linked to the Bitcoin ledger gives it 1st mover advantage in this new ground.  It’s POS algo makes it extremely energy efficient and viable as a long term platform.  But it’s the Asset exchange and the ability to create a worldwide decentralized capital market which is what I find exciting.

What makes Nxtty superior to encrypted messaging services that are already available (e.g. Jabber)?

Well, Nxtty aims to not only focus on encrypted messaging services but to incorporate cryptomessenger into a greater experience for our users.  We describe the concept as the socialization cycle.  A user can socialize privately using cryptomessenger or openly using OPEN CHAT.  This is more akin to how we socialize in everyday life.  We are constantly switching from private to public interactions and vice versa.

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