Now You Can Buy One of The Most Advanced Guns and Scopes With Bitcoin From TrackingPoint

April 1, 2014 04:02 UTC

Recently gun manufacturer, TrackingPoint announced that you can purchase their SmartScope rifles which allow shooters, even a novice one to hit a target over 1000 yards away using cutting edge technology, with Bitcoins.

The Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) developed by TrackingPoint is the most accurate shooting system in the world. Called the Xact SystemTM, it solves multiple problems that long range shooters face. The Xact System ensures repeatable performance and

TrackingPoint PGF

accuracy even at extended ranges. The PGF also offers applications for smart devices. These apps interact with embedded wifi servers to share real-time or recorded images.

This has caught my attention because there have been so many places that are starting to accept Bitcoin and many gun shops as well but there had also been news lately that Central Texas Gun Works was dropped by BitPay for accepting Bitcoin for firearms.

While the guns themselves are interesting I like the fact that Tracking Point is now accepting Bitcoin.

Each new manufacturer, vendor and seller that accepts Bitcoins for goods and services is a step towards wider adoption. Another firearm vendor that accepts Bitcoin is the U.S. Patriot Armory. They have posted on BitcoinTalk about accepting Bitcoin as well.

I will not get into the controversial nature of firearms but I am happy to see more high profile companies accepting Bitcoin.

Potential gun buyers will still have to go into their store, through proper channels and background checks to be able to purchase the guns as well. Using Bitcoin does not negate this requirement it just adds a new way to pay for the firearms.

When asked about their decision to accept Bitcoin Oren Schauble of TrackingPoint said,

TrackingPoint decided to give Bitcoin a try after several customers inquired about it. “It was easy to set up, and we are genuinely interested in seeing the response.”

Bitcoin Accepted Here

The ease of integrating Bitcoin payment methods into existing businesses is showing to be a great incentive for retailers to accept it as well. Overstock did it on a massive scale and Tracking Point and others on a small scale showing integration should not be a deterrent. Customers can and should be asking their favorite retailers and manufacturers to accept Bitcoin. Many of them if they do not already know about it are usually open to it after finding out more about Bitcoin and how it works.

The future of Bitcoin is in it’s use and attainability by a majority of people. This is a step into another facet of the market as Bitcoin continues to gain acceptance.

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