North American Bitcoin Conference Kicks Off in Miami

January 25, 2014
The startups panel at the North American Bitcoin Conference via

Hundreds of Bitcoiners have gathered at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami this morning, and the two-day extravaganza has plenty of new Bitcoin evangelists and entrepreneurs in attendance. The event kicked off at 8:30am with Ken Metral, the CEO of Coingig, and the last speaker of the day will be Roger Ver, also known as Bitcoin Jesus. There will be many other speakers and panels giving their opinions on different aspects of the Bitcoin space over the next two days, and the whole world will likely get to enjoy many of the talks on YouTube in the coming weeks.

Updates from Twitter

As always, people who could not make it down to the conference are keeping up with the latest announcements and presentations through Twitter. The hashtag for the event is #btcmiami. It seems that the conference is bigger than anyone expected up to this point. Roger Ver tweeted out the following, which makes me think there were more attendees than what was planned for:

CoinChomp noted that Paul Vernon from Cryptsy is on the panel for Bitcoin Startups, so hopefully he doesn’t get mobbed by former customers who are still waiting for a withdrawal or trade to be processed by the site.

One of the hottest topics of the weekend is definitely going to be Ethereum. The new project lead by Vitalik Buterin is launching for investors this weekend, and Vitalik is expected to give a talk on the second day of the event.

A Charlie Shrem Sighting

One of my favorite parts about these kinds of Bitcoin conferences is that they usually create a Charlie Shrem sighting. Many people are wondering what’s going on behind the scenes at BitInstant, and at least a small bit of information is usually leaked by Charlie at these events. His title for his talk on the second day of the North American Bitcoin Conference is Vice Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, so his actual presentation probably won’t have much to do with what’s going on at his company. As far as anyone can tell, the only thing holding back BitInstant from offering their services to everyone around the globe is regulatory trouble.

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