Noncetech Announces Stress Test Results and Pricing of Their New Modular Miners

Scott Fargo @TalonTech1
March 29, 2014

Noncetech is a new small scale miner manufacture based out of Finland.
I have been in contact with Antti Muilu from Noncetech for a few weeks now getting information on their upcoming miners prior to release as well as information on their fledgling company.

SF: Could you tell me your companies name Noncetech, as it is quite appropriate for a mining company, and I like it. Also, a bit about your company such as how and why you started it?

Antti: Our company was incorporated last week in Hong Kong. The name is Noncetech Limited (“Noncetech”).
The idea to start manufacturing Bitcoin hardware came to existence from general interest in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. We had multiple business ideas and after studying the Bitcoin protocol we felt that producing Bitcoin hardware was the best choice. We noticed that many of the manufacturers’ products were sold out and pre-ordered up to three months ahead. Many of the competitors had also failed to meet their shipping deadlines.

On the 26th they announced the results of their stress tests and component setup with their Newsletter release and on their group buy.

The results of the stress tests have been very favorable so far even under overclocking conditions.

Noncetech Mining

They are using the Coincraft 28nm chips and are able to get 1.1 watts per gh/s at 59c in a 22c ambient temp room overclocked. Each board has four chips normally running at 25 gh/s each. With the overclock, they were able to get to 130 gh/s total.

Tidela1 of Noncetech also has some great information on the miners cooling and compatibility with third party components like water blocks.  He shared this info on BitcoinTalk.

Yes, we are using LGA1366/LGA2011 type mountings. Any heatsink with 80x80mm hole pitch will fit. But be careful with the top side, since our A1 chips are spread out to a bigger area than basic 40mm x 40mm OR 45mm x 45mm contact area. However we include a heat spreader on topside, so if you plan to use your own water cooling, it should fit without modification. BUT, please make sure with us before you do this.

The rear side has a solder pad, intended as cooling contact for heatsink. We use immersion plating to achieve better planarity on the pads -> better heat transfer.

Cooling is needed for both sides. So far in one of our stress tests we reached 46-47Cdeg (measured at top-side heatsink & A1 contact point) when we were running 250-254GH/s per card speeds. This temperature was reached by having fans at 100%. I guess we could reduce the fan speeds a bit to get better W/GHs^-1 numbers and reduce sound levels.
– Noncetech

Noncetech Cooling

When I was asking Antti some questions on Noncetech one of them tied directly to their release announcement especially with their hard work on design and testing

SF: Being a new miner manufacturer what challenges have you faced and how do plan to keep up with a large demand for mining equipment that the bitcoin community has? Also, what are the advantages your company brings that makes your product better than others?

Antti: As a new Bitcoin manufacturer, our hardest challenge was meeting the $/GH/s values that the existing manufacturers’ products had in a very tight schedule. They also had the advantages brought by mass production.
We will unlikely sell as many products as the current competition, but instead we will keep the focus on meeting shipping deadlines and better customer experience through more customizable orders.
In the case of a large demand, we are prepared to travel and setup a production chain in China.

Antti’s answer showed me Noncetech was serious about being a manufacturer that delivers on their promises. Also catering to what miners want with customizable setups and speedy delivery times. We all know how many manufactures fail to live up to even delivering on time. Antti and his team have thought through how they want to get their products to the community and tailored their company with that in mind right from the start.

SF: What are your plans for your company that you are ready to speak about now?

Antti: The future is very unclear, but it’s a fact that the next few weeks will give us the guidelines for the future.

With their announcement that they have finalized their setups and have Bitmine sending the chips and are starting the manufacturing process as well as selling their first three miners it is exciting news.

While I was emailing back and forth with Antti, he had let me know that he was in Hong Kong for a week getting the final steps in place as well for the announcement that were ready to go.
Now they are releasing the information on ordering and setups as well as ship times.
With more to come as they start loading their information on their website.
From their newsletter that went out this morning.

In other news, we will be opening pre-orders for the official products within a week. It will be possible to buy rigs (3x cards, 1x motherboards, 1x power supply and Raspberry Pi) and mining cards. Mining card buyers will get 1 motherboard for free, because it is needed to operate the mining cards. This is intended for more experienced users to build their own rigs and use their own PSUs. Motherboard has 1x ATX-20pin connector and 8x mining card connectors. A Raspberry Pi connector (with our software ready) can be purchased separately to control the device. We have estimated that it takes two weeks for the products to ship after we have received payment.
There exists a minimum order quantity for ASICs (from Bitmine) that we purchase, so the minimum amount of rigs for the pre-order to happen is 21 in total, or 63 mining cards. We will also limit the amount of pre-orders to 80 rigs or 240 mining cards to ensure that the production is not encumbered and that the products will ship at the required time.
Three beta rigs will also be up for sale and immediate shipping next week. They are now being assembled in Finland as we speak. The beta rigs can be considered the same as the final product. The beta rigs are sold at a price of $4099. They will be shipped from Finland so there won’t be import duties inside the EU.
The final prices will be revealed soon, but for now we can tell that the rig’s price will be close to $3700 and the mining card’s close to $1100. We understand that the $/GH/s ratio is not the best around, but as a small manufacturer, it is hard to compete in price with larger manufacturers. We are, however, using quality components and will be shipping products at a steady, reliable pace.
Pricing Update: At the time of the article the prices above were close to what Noncetech was going to be selling the units.

Antti just sent me an update on the pricing, and it is great news.

Price update:
We have managed to cut down costs. Our product will be much more competitive in terms of price than we anticipated. Our product will have a $/GH/s ratio very close to 4.

With everything so busy for Antti and Noncetech he still took the time to answer one of those questions that I ask almost everyone because the answers are always interesting depending on where a person is coming from in Bitcoin. Antti did not let me down.

SF: How has Bitcoin changed your life?

Antti: So far setting up the business has taken all our free time and most of our sleeping time. Working with Bitcoin has, however, been a very interesting project and a great learning experience.
As to the fact, if Bitcoin has changed our lives: So far, not yet. But hopefully in the future (positively).

SF: Do you have anything specific you would like to say or add.

Antti: So far, the community support has been overwhelmingly positive. Many people had contacted us and shown their interest in our product, even before we had anything to show for it.

Pre-ordering will open within a week. It will have a limit to the amount of rigs/cards and a time limit as to how long pre-ordering is open before production is started. We encourage people to subscribe to our newsletter and check for updates on our site.
Finally, I would like to add that I could have never been able to do this alone. My colleagues have been amazing and seem to have endless energy towards the company!

I thought this is wonderful as it shows how Bitcoin is penetrating into the public’s consciousness with Antti and his team investing in and starting a company in the Bitcoin realm with positive hopes for the future.
The Bitcoin community needs more people like Antti, his team at Noncetech that are dedicated to getting a quality unit out to buyers in a timely manner. The investment and drive to create a product and carefully plan a business in the Bitcoin world.
The more people and companies we get starting up buying selling trading goods and services the better Bitcoin as a whole will be.


I think Noncetech has a chance to become a solid company in the Bitcoin community with an excellent product and business model backing it up.
With strong support in the Bitcoin community already and a miner that was carefully planned, tested and brought to production it will be interesting to see where it goes.
I look forward to testing and reviewing their equipment in the near future as they get into full production.
Noncetech is a Bitcoin company to watch.

Breaking News: As I sent this to publishing Antti gave me the scoop on the prices, specs and name of their miner.

Hello miners!

We have named our product Sampo! Some of you might realize it’s Finnish and some of you might even know what it is (related to Finnish mythology). Sampo is our first modular Bitcoin miner. It can be bought with 1 to 4 Sampo mining cards. Mining cards can also be bought separately.

One mining card has a nominal performance of 200 GH/s with a power consumption of 0.5-0.7 W/GH/s.
The turbo mode values are the following: 250 GH/s with 1.0-1.1 W/GH/s.

This means that our 4 card Sampo has the following specs:
Nominal performance: 800 GH/s, 0.5-0.7 W/GH/s
Turbo mode: 1000 GH/s, 1.0-1.1W/GH/s

We have also crunched numbers and come up with the prices for our modular product. We have managed to cut costs to match the price of our competitors a little better:

Sampo mining card @ $949
Sampo 250 @ $1079
Sampo 500 @ $1999
Sampo 750 @ $2949
Sampo 1T @ $3849

The prices does not include the power supply. A 1200W PSU is optional at $200.

Our beta rigs will also be sold at a lower price than what we previously calculated. The price will be $3549 and will be available for shipping next week from Finland.

For more information, check out our site at:
We apologize for the current layout. We will make the site more eye-friendly when we have the time.

Best regards,


Noncetech can also be reached on Twitter:

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