Noncetech Announces Official Miner Sales Launch

Scott Fargo @TalonTech1
April 9, 2014

On 3/29/14, I had posted an interview with Antti of Noncetech in which I asked pressing questions about their business, their miners, and their impending sales launch.

Antti and his team let me know today that all their hard work and long nights had finally paid off: They are announcing their official sales launch today.

I have been excited about their miners and even more excited to see them go live. That their production and distribution is ready to go is excellent news considering so many of the big companies are not following through on their delivery promises.

Noncetech Cooling

Here is the press release for their Bitcoin Miners.

We are now celebrating the launch of Sampo, Noncetech’s First Creation. Sampo mining cards and rigs are now available for pre-order! Our celebrations are, however, limited to working non-stop until about 4 a.m… again. Sampo mining cards and rigs will be available for pre-order today at GMT 20:00 sharp. Our celebrations are, however, limited to working non-stop until about 4 a.m… again.

We do, however, have good news for our Customers. We have managed to decrease our costs and, therefore, we will be dropping our prices. Our new prices are the following:

Sampo mining card without Raspberry Pi: $819 ($3.276/GH/s, turbo mode)

Sampo 250 rig without PSU: $1039 ($4.156/GH/s, turbo mode)
Sampo 500 rig without PSU: $1859 ($3.718/GH/s, turbo mode)
Sampo 750 rig without PSU: $2699 ($3.599/GH/s, turbo mode)
Sampo 1T rig without PSU: $3499 ($3.499/GH/s, turbo mode)

We also have some new features for our product. We have been developing a web based Graphical User Interface for our Customers. It will allow them to monitor their workers and mining cards, and also modify the settings such as the voltage and clocking with only a click of a button without the need to understand the code. The shell connection will also be available for more advanced users.

The special news is that we will be allowing a discount code exclusively for the first batch. Since cryptocoinsnews was the first to make an article about us, we have chosen the discount code as following:
This code entitles to a 5% discount for the order, excluding shipping costs. The code should be placed in the “Discount code” text field at checkout.

We have been constantly developing our cooling systems, to ensure that Sampo will not reach uncomfortable heat levels. We must still leave a warning message for our fellow miners: Brace yourselves, summer is coming!

Noncetech Team Celebrating The Sampo Miner Line Official Release

Here are a couple videos of their beta units in operation.

Sampo 1 th/s Beta

Sampo DIY Overview

Dogie of BitcoinTalk has put together an excellent step by step guide for the Sampo miners.

Obviosuly, the release is great news! It’s also great to see that they are still working hard on their product development and cooling systems.

I am also glad they are giving my readers a discount on orders. I had first interviewed Antti because I wanted to get a look at the development cycle up close and personal. Antti and his team let me right in and even invited me to their facility to see  their operation

I look forward to big things from Noncetech, and I congratulate them on their official release.

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